Elf Daily Brush Cleanser


I am an incredibly lazy individual and am always looking for shortcuts to my least favorite part of the whole makeup shebang: brush cleansing. Yes, I’ll admit, those bad boys only touch water about once a month in my home, but now I’ve found what claims to be the solution to this problem: the Elf Daily Brush Cleanser!

This lovely bottle of solution is pretty much like the hand sanitizer of brush upkeep. It’s no replacement for washing your brushes, nothing actually cleans better than genuinely washing your brushes, but if you just need a quick fix of cleansing action, then it has you covered! Essentially, it works by spraying one spritz (read: 3) of the solution onto your dry, sad, and dirty brushes. Then you rub your now damp brush onto a paper towel in circular motions until your brush stops tracking product onto it. The best part is that it has a quick drying formula, so by the time that you’ve finished cleaning brush #2, brush #1 isn’t holding a drop of moisture! Thus, you get to skip the second most annoying part of cleaning your brushes!

So I decided to put this on the test with an assortment of brushes that had been tarnished by different products including: concealer, a blush/foundation combo, black eyeshadow, and cream eyeliner + brow gel. It worked surprisingly well on all of them, removing the bulk of the product, though my bristles never came away 100% clean. It did the best in cleaning off my concealer brush and struggled the most with the dry and cakey formula of my eyeliner. I was overall left pleased and satisfied with the job it had done and eager to dirty up more brushes just for the sake of having another go with this (can you really blame me, though? – it’s only $3 a bottle!).

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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