The Best Masks to Ever Grace My Face

I’m a huge face mask person! Hit me up with a sheet mask, a clay mask, a mask in a tube, or a mask that you make yourself. If I have the money for it, 30 minutes to spare, and it can be put on my face while I chill, I’m willing to take it for a spin! I’ve been graced with fairly non-sensitive skin and an unreliable sense of smell (which is great for product tolerance), which means I have no qualms about playing around with these bad boys! Thus, I can now bring to you all the best 2 masks that I have used in my 2 decades of living!

TimeWise® Even Complexion Mask from Mary Kay


This mask claims to brighten and moisturize skin because it has all of those buzzword ingredients that everyone pretends to be impressed by but most of us don’t really understand (Kakadu Plum Extract? Excuse me, my name isn’t Bucky Barnes. I am not a plum enthusiast). I believe my old esthetician may have given it to me to help with my dark spots from the ghost of acne past (present and future) but I found the most use from it during finals exam time as essays, exams, and portfolios sucked the life out of me. I used it when I had a spare evening to myself after a stream of late nights and the emergence of stress acne and when I woke up in the morning and looked at myself in the mirror, I was a new woman. My spots has gone down a little bit and my skin looked like it was actually happy to deal with packing up a whole room and taking a 4 hour test!



I picked this mask up after watching weeks of my Snapchat queen, Jackie Aina, rocking it during her dance sessions. It costs $30 for a bundle of 4 masks and as I am a #brokecollegestudent, it was not in my budget. Thankfully, the brand hooked her up with a bunch of free masks, so I swooped in and picked one up before they all ran out, waited the 4+ weeks it took for them to even ship it, and then placed it on my face the first free day I got. I live for the whole Friday the 13th-hockey player-chic look it gave me and also the initial squishy feeling of the packet from the amount of fluid that was inside it. But low and behold, that fluid was no joke because my skin was moisturized for days regardless of if I put on a moisturizer or not. I honestly was riding on the high of over a week’s worth of hydration just from the mask alone. I’m planning to actually save up to buy a multi-pack because it is worth the splurge!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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