Easy Accessory Storage

Whether you’re looking to store your outfit dazzlers inside of your tiny bedroom or your tiny college dorm room, here are my 3 easy, cute, and relatively inexpensive methods of accessory storage.


Number 1: A classic jewelry plate. I used to believe that these were overrated, but then I bought rings and bracelets and was suddenly in the need for one. The internet may have you fooled into believing that all cool storage items have to be expensive and overly complicated, but the great thing about jewelry plates is that they’re literally just plates. You can spray-paint a small plate you already have, pick up a chic white one from the Dollar Tree, or buy a pre-designed one from Forever 21 during a sale for $2.


Number 2: Hang it from the walls. I usually do this with necklaces and non-bangle wrist wear and it’s easy as pie. If the space is yours, you can get creative with cute push pins and hooks. If the space is not yours and has a fond appreciation for handing out fines, then just take advantage of Command Hooks (I’m partial to the clear kind). I recommend having no more than 3 necklaces per hook and doing a mix of thick and thin chains to keep things from getting too tangled.


Number 3: Anything is an accessory stand if you try hard enough. I like to use my lamp shade as a nesting area for my headbands and flower crowns. Not only does it jazz up the actual décor/furniture pieces. There’s really not too much to it!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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