And Liv Loves: Podcasts

It’s like music to my ears, except there’s no instruments and everyone is mainly talking, rather than singing it up. That’s right, today’s post is all about my love for podcasts! A couple of weeks ago I read a post from fellow blogger Michelle about her favorite podcasts and was then inspired to share my own. There are few that I actually listen to on a consistent basis, rather than picking based on guest appearances, and here are my top 3.

Stuff Mom Never Told You


I have been a long standing fan of the sister YouTube channel to this How Stuff Works powered podcast, and finally took the plunge and listened to this audio adventure as well. While this podcast may seem like it would merely cover the basis of all of the romance and beauty tips that you may have missed from your mother, it actually answers a lot of questions I didn’t even know I had yet. Whether you’re looking to learn about why there’s a tanning salon in every U.S. strip mall, why women join cults, or why you’ve been “ghosted” by your could-be partner, they’ve got you covered.

The Read


This was my very first podcast obsession! Kid Fury and Crissle are 2 New York transplants who love Beyonce, pop culture, and educating us all about the foolishness of others. Every episode begins with some Black Excellence, moves on to presenting us with the messiest celeb gossip, offers us life advice in response to the Listener Letters, and ends with a read from both hosts on an individual, organization, or topic (my favorites are Kid Fury’s reads of Chase Banks and Uber). Also, Kelly Rowland was on the show once and they’re officially a part of the Marvel universe now, so I think this podcast is definitely gold.



Enter the world of YouTube personalities Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl. This podcast is the shortest of the 3, generally lasting about 30 minutes. There’s no particular format or topic to this show, though they usually focus on pop culture news, their exciting life adventures (not just anyone gets to be a contestant on The Amazing Race), and sometimes offer a Queens episode that’s all about their love for various pop icons.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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