July Favorites


My birth month has come to a close, bringing with it a new post on my monthly loves. July didn’t bring with it a lot of beauty products that I was absolutely living for – more specifically, I discovered a new slew of products that I was disappointed in. Fortunately, today I’m moving in a more positive direction and showing off all the things that filled my July with good vibes.

1: Too Faced Peanut Butter & Jelly Palette

My first second post on this blog was all about this eyeshadow palette, and I’ve posted a few different looks using it in the past, but I never anticipated the love that I’d have for it! The warm orange-brown shades are perfect for blending into your crease when you’re in a hurry, and the gold pan is what I use for a quickie highlight. It’s perfect for everyday use, and any the fallout that may accidentally wind up in your mouth is lowkey delicious.

2: Eco Styler Olive Oil Styling Gel

I’m on a wash-and-go journey with my natural hair and have finally found a process that works for me. An integral key in this was the Eco Styler gel which holds the shape of my natural hair without flaking up, weighing my hair down, or getting too hard. It’s also the only product I’ve used that’s been ready to fight my unruly edges and fly-aways. While it doesn’t always leave me completely slicked down, it does a better job than any other product I’ve tried out.

3: Rimmel London Sculpting Kit

I personally think the blush in this kit is terrible, but the highlight has me praising this package deal’s name. It’s so natural looking on my skin and offers the perfect every-day glow. The contour shade is pigmented, blendable, and amazing on my skin tone. Since 2/3 of the concepts in this product worked out, I’m willing to just cast the occasional side eye at the blush and then leave it be.

4: Deer Earrings


This is another one of my panic purchases. I bought these after going to Ivory Closet with friends, because I felt like I had spent too much time in the store and was now obligated to make a purchase. Thankfully I actually ended up loving the earrings, because they aren’t large enough to be disruptive and the deer add a quirky touch to every outfit.

5: Arrow


In case you thought my undying love for MCU Captain America was just an isolated incident, you were wrong. I’m a huge fan of comic books turned into TV shows and movies all around, and loved the CW’s Arrow. I began watching it on Netflix and finished all of the seasons available there this month. I’m so sad they don’t have season 4 on there as I need to get caught up, because I plan to follow along when season 5 airs. If you like drama, action, and a superhero that provides a lot more moral ambiguity than what we’re usually fed, then you’ll love this.

6: Twitter

This July I took the plunge and finally got a Twitter account. In addition to dropping links and alerts to my posts on this blog and over on My Trending Stories, I get to share some of my dad’s best styling tips and my views on roach milk. Don’t miss out on this goodness and follow me @andlivloves.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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11 thoughts on “July Favorites

    1. I saw the first episode of it about 3 years ago and for some reason wasn’t vibing with it, but then I checked it out again in June and have been hooked and marathoning it ever since! I totally recommend it! So many salmon ladders!

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  1. How you described the peanut butter & jelly palette was amazing haha! I also love Arrow but I gotta admit that the show has been heading at a steady downhill especially with Season 4 (so fair warning) especially with the new shows like Flash and Legends of Tomorrow getting better and better with each episode. I am really hoping things turn around for Season 5 though.


    1. I’m trying to catch up on the Flash (literally re-watching season as I’m typing this), and I’m low-key nervous for season 4 of the Arrow, because I feel like I’ve gotten those vibes from a lot of people who’ve also seen it. Maybe that will be good though, because if my expectations stay low, then I’ll be less likely to be disappointed. Definitely going to need to check out Legends of Tomorrow if it’s supposed to be good though!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, it is definitely a popular opinion that Season 4 is …. not the greatest. I watch all these shows with a friend and he tried to get into Legends but it has a semi-slow pick up but I promise it progresses and gets better!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I 1000% recommend it! I’ve only seen seasons 1-3, but I loved them so much! It’s a little bit dark in places though, so if that’s not your thing, I’d recommend something like the Flash, since it’s more lighthearted.


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