Rimmel London Provocalips Lip Color Review


What has two wands for the price of one and wants you to pucker up? The Rimmel London Provocalips lipsticks, of course! Now, these products aren’t necessarily new to the drugstore, but just because it doesn’t have that “just released” shine to it doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of a test. With that thought in mind, I picked up this $6.50 lippie from Ulta in the shade 750 Heart Breaker. After, a month spent with this product, the verdict is in and it isn’t all that positive.

The product works in 2 steps. In step 1, you apply the liquid lipstick for a nice and bold color , and in step 2, you apply the gloss to “lock and shine.” The actual lip color applies evenly and is true to color in about 2 swipes. The gloss part, to me, is a bit of a gimmick. As a person that isn’t a glossy lip enthusiast, the only purpose I find for it is that it makes the actual lip color more wearable. On its own, the liquid lipstick dries to an incredibly tacky, almost sticky, finish on the lips. If you mush your lips together, it won’t necessarily rip your color apart, but it does take “my lips are sealed” to a new level. The gloss merely allows your lips to glide together tug-free. The “lock and shine” label makes it sound as if it holds the color in, but the longevity of the lipstick is the same with or without the gloss.

The actual wear of this product isn’t anything to brag about either. Every time I apply it, it feels like I’m putting a thick film across my lips. It doesn’t try to move with your mouth, but still manages to seep into all of its fine lines after about 2 hours of wear. Then, as the day passes, it begins to both crumble and fade from the lips. In fact, you’ll know it’s crumbling because the lipstick flakes will begin to adhere to anything your lips touch – water bottles, mugs, your sandwhich, etc. After about 8 hours of wear, it also began to lift up and peel off of the outer corners of my lips. While I don’t expect any lipstick to show an undying loyalty to staying on my mouth, I definitely expected more from a product that claims to have 16 hour, kiss-proof wear.

I’m all around not the hugest fan of this lippie. It would probably work better if allowed to rest uninterrupted on the lips all day, but a girl’s got to eat. Plus it’s not completely horrible. A majority of the product does stay on the lips, the packaging is cute, and $6.49 is a really decent price. It applies evenly, dries in about 3 minutes, and works well mixed with other lipsticks. Of course, the downfall is the lie of 16 hour wear and the gross crumble of the product.

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5 thoughts on “Rimmel London Provocalips Lip Color Review

    1. Thanks! I’ve only watched two other reviews on them and they were both positive, so I was very confused after I bought mine and wasn’t really a fan. My expectations were so high! I’m going to have to try those NYX ones! Will definitely check out your tutorial to see them in action!

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  1. I have this in the shade Skinny Dipping and it’s the WORST lip product I’ve ever tried. It’s really a let down because I thought I would like it.


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