Oily Royalty: The Best Foundation Routine for Oily Skin


Being a member of the Oily Royalty collective isn’t easy. Sometimes your foundation separates when your skin produces oil. Sometimes the sheen on your face reflects so much light that you accidentally boost your friends’ tans. Sometimes you spend 30 minutes on your best face, and 2 hours later it’s all ruined. Today I’m sharing how I leveled up my makeup game to become Oily Royalty through my new foundation routine!

Step 1: Skin Prep


The biggest lie told to members of the Oily Royalty family is that you don’t need to moisturize. This is a lie and everyone has to protect their skin’s hydration.The skin’s reaction to oil depletion and a potential for dryness in us oily folks, is to actually produce more oil. This is why I limit the amount I wash my face to a maximum of 2 times a day, and always follow with a moisturizer.

Step 2: Primer + Powder + Foundation


Primer is a great way to target your skin’s problem areas before you even add makeup to it. I start with a pore filling primer, though a mattifying primer is also a great option, and then blend a layer of loose setting powder over top. The powder fills in the face for a smoother application, and gives your foundation more clinging power. Not only will this extra layer give your foundation more protection from oil, it extends the wearing power too.

Step 3: Setting Spray + Blend


I love the way that setting spray magically melts all the makeup on my face together! The highlight, bronzer, and blush all meld into the foundation and leave my face looking A1! The spray also provides a boost of hydration, while it’s matte formula works to keep the skin shine free once it dries down. Typically, if I need a touch up throughout the day, I give my face a spritz and tap it down with my Real Techniques blending sponge.

And this is how I give my skin an oil protection boost! Be sure to leave some of your favorite skincare or makeup tips down below if you also have oily skin, because I’m always down for trying new things!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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9 thoughts on “Oily Royalty: The Best Foundation Routine for Oily Skin

    1. Yeah! The foundation sticks better to my face and I used to always bake to make my foundation last/get less oily, I think better results with less mess and it takes less time. I do still follow up with a little bit of powder in my oily areas after my foundation application for extra security, but this definitely has been working out for me! I recommend giving it a spin and seeing how it works for you!

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      1. I definitely recommend watching the attached video to see how I put the powder on, and I also recommend using a damp blending sponge to apply the foundation (if you have one) instead of a brush like I did, because I think it’s easier that way. And I also recommend making sure you’re using a loose powder instead of pressed one. Also, definitely feel free to message me/drop another comment if you have any other questions and to let me know how it works out!

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    1. I definitely recommend it! I’ve been trying just baking and setting my face with powder over the past couple of days, and definitely feel like it does not compare to doing primer, then powder, then foundation! I say give it a go!


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