For Those Who Won’t Let the Christmas Sweater Go

Moral of the story: investing in a sweater that you’ll only wear for one occasion is a waste of money.


Around the end of November/beginning of December, I took the plunge and finally ordered my first Christmas sweater. Every December my friends on campus always break out the cutest Christmas pieces. Whether they’re rocking a Santa Drake sweatshirt, a full-on charming elf ensembles, or a festive Tina Belcher, they’ve always inspired me to get into the spirit in the most American way possible: through capitalism and consumerism! So this time, I decided to go ChristmasLite and buy an understated $12 sweater from Forever 21. 1 month later and I’m glad I did it!


The sweater is has little prancing reindeer all around it and a fair isle print in it. Not only is fair isle a winter favorite of mine, but I love deer imagery – reindeer or not! It’s a lot more subtle than all of the other options I looked at and pairs well with nearly every item in my closet. Whenever I love an item in my closet, I love it and will wear it every chance I get. Ultimately, this means that even though Christmas is over, this sweater will still continue to get loving from me.


Tips for those who know they won’t let their holiday sweater go:

  • Don’t buy a $60 sweater
  • Stay away from anything that jingles
  • Wear it in January with no shame

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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