January Loves


January, you really tried me! From the end of my winter break to my school coming at me with ridiculously high textbook fees to Betsy DeVos, January brought me endless nonsense. Of course, I am still all about appreciating the little things. So, amidst all the drama and shameful happenings of the first month of 2017, here are some of the things I liked about it.

Elf Smudge Pot in Wine Not

I bought about 3 smudge pots about a year ago (insert elf haul link here), and have barely touched them ever since. I’ve occasionally used them for a glam wing or sturdy shadow base, but never gave them my full appreciation. Then I used this one while doing one of my bestie’s makeup for a formal and I was sold. They’re long wearing, pigmented, and give you some nice eye-candy with zero fallout!

Wet n Wild Mega Volume Plus Mascara


This mascara was originally everything I WASN’T looking to put on my lashes. I am a big fan of traditional wands, lengthening powers, and lashes so separated and plentiful that you’d think I’m wearing falsies. This does none of those things, so I have no clue why I bought it. None the less, its ultra black, layerable, and has been allowing me to give the voluminous route a try. While this is definitely not my forever look, I think volume lovers may rejoice with this purchase.

Blue Cropped Sweater


I like to shop my own closet. If you’re a “traditional” college student like I am and you’re balling on a budget, I recommend only bringing 1/2-3/4 of your wardrobe to school with. Then, when you go home you’ll be surprised with your at-home closet finds. I whipped this out over winter break, stitched the left sleeve back on (I genuinely need to stop shopping at Forever 21), and have been rocking with this sweater ever since. The weather in my area has been pretty hot then cold, then cold then hot, so this is a nice transition piece.



These sneakers are the product of a long-winded excuse about how I never go to the gym because I don’t have the right gear. So my dad decided to do me a favor and buy me some gear (thanks, Dad). They’d been collecting dust, so I decided to break them out for that athleisure aesthetic. Turns out they’re super practical! They got me through Memphis’s Women’s March and many late night cross-campus walks.

My Friends


Back in high school I did not have many close friends. It sounds a lot sadder than it really is, but I think the experience taught me not only to value my current friendships, but to always work on being a better friend. From discussions with my current friends about friendship (which I think we should have; any type of relationship should include a reflective component), I have realized what an important role they play in my life. They’re great soundboards for ideas I have, a constant pool for motivation, and keep me from staying holed up in my room binge-watching Shameless. Dear friends, ya’ll are the greatest. If you read this, then keep being great!

Alekseev Пьяное солнце


If I were to put together my current study jams playlist, it would literally just be this album. I had a final project for my Russian class that involved listening to some contemporary music, and came across the music video for the single “Пьяное солнце” and it changed me. I then found out that the whole album is on Google Play Music and I have been streaming it all the time! The title track is still my fave, but all the songs are good tunes that are a nice mix between poppy and chill.

What’s your January love?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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