Pores No More!: Elf Poreless Face Primer Review

If you’ve seen my life-changing foundation routine for oily skin (#oilyroyalty), then you’ve already seen this product in action. I typically go for pore filling primers because, to my knowledge, the sheen of oily skin reflects more light which causes pores to look bigger because there’s more attention brought to them. As a result, I’m always on the hunt for some pore filling magic.


The Elf Poreless Face Primer is from Elf Cosmetic’s relatively new primer line. They all retail for $6, and in addition to the pore filling one, they have options for blemish control, hydration, and color correction. This particular primer comes in a pastel pink frosted packaging with a fancy looking plastic pump. It’s very pretty but its downfall is that you won’t know you’re out of the primer until you really need it and nothing comes out the bottle (RIP, my primer loving heart).

The actual product is creamy white with a silicone texture that blends out clear. While it is light weight, it visually blurs away a lot of my skin’s texture as if I’m a walking Snapchat filter. It does a really good job of minimizing my pores in the fact of my most exposing foundations. It also creates a barrier between the skin and the foundation, so I get a smoother application. My face is literally feels super soft to the the touch after using it, like what I imagine a dolphin might feel like – minus the wetness.


Personally, I am a huge fan of this product and just purchased my second bottle of it. It’s inexpensive and gets the job done. While I’m fairly sure there are some better and more expensive primers out there, this one is definitely a must-try if you’re balling on a budget like I am!

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8 thoughts on “Pores No More!: Elf Poreless Face Primer Review

  1. I love elf and have their eyeshadow blending brush and highlighter, which I love. I’m thinking about getting this primer, but there are several kinds, such as brightening primer, clear primer, and tone adjusting primer. I was thinking about getting the brightening one, but now this one sounds pretty good, too! Do you have to use a lot of product to get it to work or does a little go a long way? I’m just torn between which one to get.
    I love your posts, btw!


    1. A little goes a long way for me! I can hit up all my most porous areas with 1 pump, but I usually use 2 anyway just because I’m super extra! If you do try out the brightening one, I’d love to know how it works though!

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  2. Alright, so I tried the mineral infused primer! I really like it, but I don’t have contacts in rn so I can’t really tell if it’s doing anything for my skin. It does make it feel so soft though!


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