Travel Skincare Kit

It’s all about the MCM, and I’m not talking about your Man Crush Monday! I recently ended my spring break during which, I was separated from my full skincare lineup. For traveling, I think it’s important to keep things simple! Break your routine down into a few components. For me, it goes a little bit like this: Mask, Cleanse, & Moisturize.



Face masks are my life. Level up your break with some self created spa action! Plus, my face always has wild reactions to huge geographical changes, which can lead to an unexpected breakout. I say, pack your “all in one” mask so that you can win any battle your face wages against you.



Just because you’re on a vacation, doesn’t mean you should go lax on having clean skin. Dirt is everywhere, and I can promise you that no makeup remover wipe has the strength to truly wash your face quite like water and a cleanser. I use this Tony Moly banana cleanser because it smells good and doesn’t spill inside my bags.



Happy, healthy, and hydrated skin is for everyone, which is why moisturizer is a key part of my travel skincare kit. Plus, changing geography can result in moving in altitude, moisture in the air, and wind strength. Stay prepared so that you can keep up with anything!

Now feel free to MCM (Mask, Cleanse, & Moisturize), with your MCM (Man-Crush Monday) and enjoy happy skin on the go!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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