Give Your Makeup a New Life: 5 New Uses for Your Eyeshadow


Whether you are a budget savvy diva or a high-end connoisseur, makeup products will always find a way to make a dent in your wallet. And, if you’re a product-hoarder like me, they can be hard to actually use up. Stretch your budget, whip out that palette you haven’t looked at in 3 months, and get ready to hit pan, my friends! Today I have 5 alternative uses for your eyeshadow! #BlessUp

Blur Out Your Wings


I have years of liner experience, but even I suffer from more bad liner days than good ones. Luckily, I came across this liner technique in a BeautyyBird video. You do the winged liner, smudge it with some black shadow, and boom – a smoky look. She did it to create a softer, more sultry wing; I do it to hide the fact that I’m a total flop. If it works, it works!

Fill in Your Brows


If I see a mid-tone to deep brown, it’s going in my eyebrows! Brow hair friendly shades show up more often in neutral palettes, where they’ll have your dusty taupes, warm toned browns, cool toned browns, and ashy greys. For the best application, use an angled liner brush (sometimes called an angled brow brush) and follow up with a spoolie.



Last year marks my first purchase of an actual contour powder. Up until that point, I had been dipping into my Lorac Unzipped palette and using the shade “Unspoken” in the hollows of my cheeks and down the sides of my nose. Play around with different shadows to find your perfect shade and pop all the ones that don’t work onto your lids and crease!

Mix Up Your Lip Color

Whether you want to try out a metallic lip, a bold tint, or add a bit of shine, eyeshadow is definitely a great way to test out a new lip look! I can’t bring myself to actually pay to use a novelty lipstick that I’ll probably only use 3 times. Instead, I may pat a shimmery gold or champagne shadow over lipstick for bronzey-metallic look or pat it into the center of a nude lip for some extra definition.



I don’t go gaga over highlighting, so I can never bring myself to invest in highlighters. Instead of dropping $30 on highlighters that I definitely won’t hit pan on, I just use the light, shimmery shades I’d normally pack on the lid. For cream shadows, I use a stiff and densely packed synthetic brush. For pressed powders, I go for a fan brush or a small, flat tip brush.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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