March Loves


The hills are alive with favorites! It’s the time of the month when we celebrate the old so I can move on to what the new month will bring. I now introduce to you my March Loves.

LA Girl Glide Gel Eyeliner Pencils


My YouTube queen KathleenLights is always rocking a funky waterline shade, but I’ve had issues finding a liner creamy, pigmented, and long lasting enough to replicate the look. I bought these on a whim (i.e. to meet the minimum cart price for an Ulta coupon code) and I’m so glad they actually work. Go with the black liner to keep it classic, or pop on a bright one to easily spice up a look!

Nine West Bag


How do you turn $70 into less than $2? At the Bargain Hunt, of course! The Bargain Hunt is a chain in the US, that’s essentially like a cheaper TJ Maxx. The main differences is, the prices continue to go down the longer a product it there. When this bag (which was at its original retailer for $69) was first stocked in store, it was $16. By the time I got my paws on it, it was down to $1.60!

Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari


I love Aziz Ansari and I love sociology! I’ve been wanting this book since it first released, but only got around to purchasing it in late February. I spent my spring break giving it a read through, and it’s definitely a winner! Aziz is hilarious and the book is actually full of research with dating experts, sociologists, charts, surveys, and focus groups from around the globe. Essentially, it’s like you’re in a random sociology elective course, without the stress of essays or the pressure to consistently show up. And, it’s way more fun!



 If you haven’t seen my Josie inspired makeup tutorial, then you’ve missed one of my new life changes: I have become a Riverdale stan! Riverdale is a new show on the CW (or Netflix if you live in Ireland and the UK) based off of the Archie comics. It’s one part murder mystery, one part high school musical, and one part teen drama. If you watch the show, tell me who your favorite character is (mine is Cheryl)!

What’s your March love?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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