You Should Be Listening: Liv’s Podcast Roundup

Whether you’re walking to work, working out, or looking to hear something other than your loud neighbors working your nerves, podcasts are the perfect companion! In case you have no clue what a podcast is (I won’t judge – we’ve all been late to a trend), a podcast is a bit like television for your ears or talk radio. People from around the world may tell you about history, give you the 411 on pop culture news, drop you with some daily motivation, or share stories about their life. There’s a podcast for everyone, and here are 3 of my current faves!

Who? Weekly


This is the podcast for everyone who has ever heard someone go on about the controversy of some supposed famous person and could only think, “Who?” Learn about the adventures and drama of all of your (soon-to-be) favorite B-list celebrities with hosts Bobby Finger and Lindsey Weber. It’s the funniest way to start your morning and will leave you wishing you could end every conversation with a swift, “Good form, Bella Thorne!”

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text


The magical world of Harry Potter is endless! In this podcast by Vanessa Zoltan, Casper ter Kuile & Ariana Nedelman, you don’t just relive the books, but use them to explore deeper themes that relate to everyone’s life. The episodes follow the chronological order of the books, bring a new chapter each week to discuss concepts such as loyalty, sanctuary, shame, and responsibility. Use it to reflect on life or as a new way to remember a great book series!

Call Your Girlfriend


Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow describe CYG as, “A podcast for long distance besties everywhere.” Each week they recap life, politics, feminism, pop culture (they love Kim K), and protest. It’s a great way to learn about getting more politically involved or to simply put on and pretend that they’re your besties too!

*If 3 podcasts isn’t enough to choose from, visit my post from last summer to check out 3 more!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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