Chex You Later: DIY Thank You Cards

While I’ve never seen an episode of Friends, I think I still know a thing or two about friendship. Specifically, I know that friendship is a two player game. Every type of relationship is based off of reciprocity and there is no difference when it comes to the people you call your friends. I think I have always engaged in this reciprocity, but nothing boosts your friend-game to the next level quite like being aware of it in action. Due to a combination of this realization and being a recipient of my first friendship thank you card last year, I decided to share some kind words with my closest friends in the punniest way possible.

Step 1: Materials

These cards were made from 4 simple things that I had lying around my room: sharpies, colored pencils, blank index cards, and a whole lot of love. Feel free to get as creative with your materials as you want to get your dream level of razzle dazzle, though you might want to stay away from glitter (it gets everywhere).

Step 2: Find Your Hallmark Voice

Every card is not for every type of person. I know that my friends are a pretty cheesey bunch, which meant that they would all enjoy some puns. I specifically opted for food puns, because some of my best memories with my friends were created while sharing meals. Whether we’re having a potluck, trying a new spot in the city, or watching Steve Harvey while eating a ham sandwich, it’s always a good time. Think about what speaks to your friendship experience and craft something based on that.

Step 3: Reference Pics

Though we are all artists, we aren’t all artists. I drew all of my pun photos with the help of a whole lot of reference photos from Dearest Google. Some of you may just want to print out some pics and glue them on – I won’t judge you for that. Whether or not your cards look professional isn’t important! What really matters is that you were thoughtful in their creation!

Step 4: Deep Dive

The part of these cards that really matters are the messages behind them. On the back of each of my cards I wrote a mini letter to my friends letting them know which moments of our friendship were the most important to me and wishes for the future. As both a person to write and receive these cards, I know that they provide an invaluable moment of reflection. Recognizing reciprocity in relationships is acknowledging the hard work it takes to maintain them.

Step 5 (Optional): Get Gifty

I attached a gift to each of my cards. Most of them were actually things that I already owned (e.g. makeup and art supplies) that I knew would find a better home in the care of a friend. Don’t overthink the gifting part if you decide to try this out. The important part really was Step 4!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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