Liv’s Closet Clean Up

Cleaning up your closet should be fun! You get more space, you get easy access to all your clothes, and you get to pretend you’re Tyra Banks choosing who will be America’s Next Top Model as you decide which items to nix from your collection!

“Green fuzzy cropped sweater, you have been an easy statement piece in many of my outfits. But, you shed way too much and have less than function 3/4 length sleeves. Baroque print sweater, you are also a dramatic statement piece and are a hit when paired with a collared shirt. But, your collar is too small for my neck and you trap too much heat. The sweater that will remain in my closet is… the green fuzzy cropped sweater.”

As you can tell, I started my clean up process by figuring out which items had to go! Be critical with your clothes. If you find something you rarely wear, really try to remember all of the things that are wrong with it instead so you don’t fall into the same infatuation you had when you bought it. Maybe it’s cute on the hanger, but in reality it’s so itchy that it turns your skin red.

Phase two of this process was looking for a smart solution to the small amount of room I was allotted. I decided to try out a common DIY method for creating more rack space by hanging half of my wardrobe onto hangers that were already in use. I simply slid one end of a paperclip through the hanger that would actually go on the rack, and slid the second hanger through space at the bottom of the paperclip. For heavier pieces, like my sweaters, I swapped my paperclips for binder clips.

My main problem was space and excess, but some of you might want to go for a phase 3, where you find out how you want to actually organize your closet. My clothes are broken down by type of piece (tank tops, blouses, sweaters, and dresses) and then further organized by sleeve length. Some people like to color code and others might enjoy an outfit theme system. Thinking about how you actually choose your outfits may help in this process. For example, if you’d typically think, “Oh, I want to wear all black today,” or “these pants would go well with a green top,” when getting dressed, then a color coding system might work well for you!

Make the closet of your dreams, friends!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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