Living Single: My Favorite Single Shadows

I’m just a single gal with her collection of single shadows wishing she could watch Living Single on Netflix. Eyeshadow was the first part of makeup that I fell in love with. Though I’m definitely more of an eye palette person, single shadows definitely have their merits. You get to pick up just the right shade to complete an eye look or try out something bold without having to commit to (and pay for) random extra shades to go with it. Here are some of my favorite single shadows!


NYX Prismatic Shadows


If you love glitz and glam, then you’ll love these! All of the shades in the line up are bold with a metallic sheen. They’re also velvety smooth, which works well for a texture snob like me. The only downside is that they’re a bit too soft. Mix that in with the ultra cheap packaging, and let’s just say that they’re a 3 inch drop from a complete mess.

Elf Smudge Pots


For $3 you can get bold color, long wear, and a versatile product. These shadows work great on their own or as a base for similar shades. I always recommend them to my friends that are just starting out with makeup, because the neutral shades are perfect for that one finger swipe kind of look! The only downside is that they can get chunky on the lid if you try to layer up the product, which is not a great look.

ColourPop SuperShock Shadows


Buyer beware, my ColourPop shadow collection consists of some pretty bomb but limited edition (and now discontinued) shades. Thankfully the actual SuperShock Shadow line is still going strong! I love the squishy texture of these shadows and the fact that they last all day on the lid without a primer. In fact, I actually use that peachy-nude shade as my eyeshadow base and primer for all my eye looks!

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2 thoughts on “Living Single: My Favorite Single Shadows

  1. The ELF cream shadows definitely look intriguing! I love CP but I find that I have the same problem where the products I really love end up getting discontinued…and then I sit there awkwardly like “okay what do I do now?”


    1. I think my problem is that they promo so much on limited edition stuff, so that’s what I end up buying because they’re all I hear about. I’m not excited for when I run out!


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