May Loves

Great things about May: Season 3 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt came out on Netflix, I finally finished reading Aziz Ansari’s Modern Romance (it only took me 4 months), and I completed my junior year of college with a 3.85 GPA! Here are some other things that have made my month great – photos included!


Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

I got this jar of goodness for $6 at Walmart and it has not let me down since I’ve learned how to use it! Though it doesn’t keep my face matte all day long, it’s super light weight and works well with all my other makeup products. It leaves my skin looking pretty natural and healthy. Plus, I’m a sucker for trying out items in interesting packaging!

Lorac Tantalizer Baked Bronzer

When I first bought this, I exclusively used it as a highlighter. It looks pretty warm and orange in the pan, but it applies with an intense champagne sheen if you’re heavy handed like I am. Recently, I’ve found that I can use it for a sun-kissed look if I mix a light amount of it in with one of my matte bronzing shades (typically the NYX Matte Bronzer in Deep Tan or the contour shade from my Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Kit in 003).

Fave Lip Combo

In every collection of awesome lipsticks, there’s always a shade or two that are the weakest links. I think Tinder is the weakest shade out of all of my Ulta Matte Lip Creams, but have recently found a new use for it! While I love the bright orangey-red of Soap & Glory’s Fired Up, I’m not always ready to be quite that bold. On those days I mix it in with Tinder for more of a pinky-coral shade.

Embroidered Forever 21 Tunic


Forever 21 betrayed me with this piece. Number 1, they told me it was a dress. It hit the model at mid thigh, but hits me in more of that high thigh region – and I’m only 4′ 11″! Number 2, it has very high slits on each side. Luckily, it works great as a summer tunic! The embroidery is just the right amount of festive, the tie up front is adds a little sass, and the thin fabric is great for beating the summer heat!

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets


In my opinion, The Chamber of Secrets is the best book and film in the Harry Potter lineup. We get introduced to strange creatures, the harsh realities of discrimination, and the hilarious reactions of every professor that encounters Gilderoy Lockhart (his scenes are my favorites)! I’m also listening to all the Book 2 episodes of Harry Potter and the Sacred Text so I can reflect while the chapters are still fresh in my mind!

What are your May loves?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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