Summer Lip Kit

My summertime lipstick vibes are on two different levels: fiery shades and nudes.


I’m already a huge fan of red lips. They’re classic and bold and embody everything I want people to think when they see me, regardless of if it’s actually a true representation of my personality or not. During the summer, I expand my reds to include more coral and orange infused tones to really grasp the flames behind my leo soul.


Of course, summertime is when I enjoy a lot of lipstick ruining foods. The greasy burgers, quickly melting popsicles, ultra saucy BBQ, and lip-staining fruits galore are all the demise of my lipstick. Add in the fact that I have incredibly dry lips and you get the explanation for my nude lip revival. They’re easy to apply and blend out once you ruin the center part mouth with food. Even better, if you decide to wipe it all off after a mere 2 hours… well, no one will really notice.


What’s in your summer lip kit?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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8 thoughts on “Summer Lip Kit

  1. My first official makeup post is up, finally! I’d absolutely LOVE if you checked it out and thank you in advance! You’re also one of the people that kind of inspired me to do beauty posts on my blog, so again, thanks!


    1. Just went by and gave it a look through and I liked it (those photos are extra crisp)! Thanks for letting me know you were writing it – I’ve been away from blogging for a bit, so it was nice to automatically have a post to check out!

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