bareMinerals Frame & Define Brow Pencil


I was never drawn to bareMinerals. Their old school Proactiv-style commercials didn’t catch my eye and my liquid foundation loving self could never get on board with those mineral foundations (give me 2 years, and I’ll probably have changed my tune). Yet – because I am a glutton for punishment –  I recently found myself on the bareMinerals kick again, this time even visiting an actual store and dropping $16 on their eyebrow pencil. Let it be known, this is not a horror story.


I am always drawn to super sleek packaging and this pencil is no exception. The whole thing is about as long as the top of my hand and thinner than my pinkie finger. It twists up to release the .003 oz of product, so you can feel free to lose all your sharpeners in the depths of your makeup bag. It even has a little arrow that tells you how to do it in case you get confused like I did! The end has a little cap that covers a pretty sturdy spoolie. There isn’t a whole lot of razzle dazlle, but I love the super functional design.


The Sad, Bad News: $16 for .003 oz of product is pretty ridiculous. I think I’ll probably be through this pencil by mid-August with consistent use, and that’s me being generous with the time. It isn’t the most expensive pencil on the market, but I would definitely like some longevity out of the products I buy. The other downside is that the pencil is so thin that it will snap if you try to frame & define with too much product out. Ever time a tiny piece breaks I’m just like, “there goes $0.25” or “bye-bye $.10.” It definitely has me feeling like Julius from Everybody Hates Chris. Lastly, it only seems to come in two colors. I’m using Universal Dark, and I’m guessing from the website that if your brows aren’t their “dark” or “light” then you’re going to be out of luck.



The Rad, Glad News: It’s a pretty nifty product. I’ll slap nearly anything on my brows and be fine with it, but there are definitely products – like this one – that speak to me more than others. This pencil has a firmer formulation and is very thin, which is great since it can’t be sharpened. The tails of my brows are always extra crispy and it’s so easy to draw on those little baby inner hairs with it. It leaves me with such a natural brow that I haven’t even put the spoolie to work that often since there isn’t much product to break up when I’m done. This pencil has given me a 60 second brow routine that lasts throughout my 16 hour days!


This product has definitely taught me to keep an open mind when it comes to trying out brands. I found something that works for me from a brand that I had never felt drawn to before. Not only did that surprise me, but I also discovered that this is a pretty low rated product on their website (2.4 stars)! It’s all a bit ironic in the end!

What bareMinerals products do you recommend?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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