Travel Diary: New Orleans

Liv’s New Orleans checklist: visit the National WWII Museum, try beignets, and bring back an awesome postcard!

Day 1


We set off at the nice and early time of 8 in the morning for our 4 and a half hour trip! We arrived at around 1:30 and began our first mission: explore Bourbon Street. It was super crowded and pretty smelly since they were in the middle of construction. I’m not the biggest fan of moving through big crowds and stepping through puddles of alcohol at 3PM, so it wasn’t my favorite part of the trip. On the bright side, I did get a nice palm reading in the end, which was fairly nice. Apparently I will find love by the end of the year and will be living by the water in 2018!


We finished the night with dinner at Deanie’s Seafood Restaurant (can you say fried shrimp filled with crab stuffing?) and a haunted tour! I love hearing ghost stories, especially because I think I’ve had some mild paranormal experiences, and we got to see some of the sights that inspired American Horror Story: Coven! It also included some vampire tales, which were pretty spooky!

Day 2


This was a roller coaster of a day! We started off at the National World War II Museum, which was the highlight of my trip. It’s an immersive multi-building experience full of personal narratives, artifacts, and short films. I bought my souvenirs here (2 postcards and some Ghiradelli chocolates) and am looking forward to another visit in the future.

After that, we walked to lunch at this pretty swanky and kind of pricey restaurant called Cochon. We were intending to go to the spot next door called the Butcher. I think they might be linked together and we just went through the wrong door, but we were confused! I had no clue what any of the menu items were and definitely pronounced my order wrong (which I know, because the waiter corrected me and proceeded to explain the meal to me). That being said, my catfish courtbouillon was still pretty good!

Next there was a baby flood. Picture this: we’re lost in downtown New Orleans with no umbrellas or ponchos and are trying to find places to hide from the rain. We hid in two cafes and then a convention center before catching an Uber to the New Orleans Musuem of Art, which had already began closing by the time we showed up. Fortunately, this gave us the opportunity to try out the trolley and explore more of the city. We rode, we shopped, and we tried some beignets.

Our night ended at 2 destinations: Cafe Soule and some bar with a live jazz band on Bourbon Street. I had the nicest strawberry salad I’ve ever seen, enjoyed some nice music in a very tiny space, and prayed that the 10% charge on my phone would be enough to navigate us back to our hotel room.

Day 3


Bright and early Sunday morning, we packed our bags and prepared to say goodbye to New Orleans. Google Maps wasn’t very helpful in terms of finding a close, local spot for breakfast, so we ended up at iHop. Fortunately, there’s never a bad time for iHop. With my belly full of Bananas Foster Brioche French Toast, I was a happy lady on the road again!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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