Drugstore Makeup Haul: Balling on a Budget

Last month I discovered an amazing store that you may or may not have heard of called “Sephora” and this month I’ve rediscovered an old favorite store of mine. It’s a great place where you can buy books, white chocolate Reese’s cups, birthday cards, and affordable makeup all at the same time! Yes, I’m back to embracing my love for the drugstore!


L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara


This is probably the most hyped up mascara on the market right now! I’ve seen it on Instagram, the blogs, the vlogs, and on SnapChat and now I have the opportunity to take it for a spin. I prefer a drier formula on an ultra bristle filled wand that allows me to gain a lot of length. This mascara, thus far, has ticked all those boxes!

L’Oreal Infallible Pro Spray & Set


I don’t have a ride or die setting spray, so I’m pretty much willing to try any of them out! For that reason, I had no qualms about picking this product up when I saw the trial size version on the shelves for a clean $6. So far I can say that it has a very powerful, but fine mist. It has to be coming out at 35mph, because I am always left stunned when it hits my face!

Elf Poreless Face Primer


This is an oldie, but a goodie to my makeup collection! I ran out around late June and have been going primer free ever since. Let me tell you, sometimes you don’t realize how integral a product is in your makeup routine until it’s gone. Trust me when I say the reintroduction of this primer to my face has boosted my credit score, cleared all my acne, and paid off all my student loans. Well, not exactly, but it is pretty darn good.

Wet n Wild ColorIcon Blush in Mellow Wine


I’m not a huge blush person, but I’m always attracted to coral shades for the cheeks. My main problem is finding something that won’t look like tinted ash on my face. This one, fortunately, works beautifully. It’s pigmented enough for my face and the color is stunning! I’m eager to try more of these blushes out!

Equate Sensitive Facial Cleansing Towelettes


If I had read the packaging of these, I probably would not have bought them. These were the cheapest makeup wipes at the store, but I didn’t know that they were supposed to compare to the Burt’s Bees wipes, which give my skin level 8 irritation. Thankfully, these aren’t as probablamatic, and really only irritate my face if I rub for too long.

What’s your best drugstore find?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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7 thoughts on “Drugstore Makeup Haul: Balling on a Budget

  1. I’ve seen a lot of people talking about that mascara too but I’ve yet to try it. I don’t think I see it on the packaging, but is this a waterproof formula?


  2. Just followed your blog after you commented on one of my pictures! Love your blog so much!! Keep up the great work. Looking forward to your blog posts from now on! XO (also Wet n Wild is so underrated but honestly, they make such amazing products. Their blushes are bomb!)


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