August Loves

August, it was real! It was great! But I am ready to delve into my autumn grind! Before I completely let my summertime vibes go though, it’s time to reflect on the past month. My highlights include: starting my senior year of college, plowing through the first season of Criminal Minds on Netflix, and buying my domain name! Woohoo! And there’s only more August goodness to close out my summer below!


Elf Blush Brush


I’m all about using brushes for anything but what they’re made for, which is why I’ve solely been using it for highlighting. If this brush had human or animal consciousness, it probably wouldn’t even know what a blush is because it’s never had contact with one. Thankfully, I have been loving it with the alternative use! It’s $3, pretty sturdy, picks up a great amount of product, and disperses it very evenly. I definitely recommend it!

Wet N Wild Blush in Mellow Wine

Stunned! Amazed! Absolutely in awe!Typically I’m not a blush fan, and forego it more often than not. Recently, though, I’ve been trying out a few lighter makeup looks and the flush from this blush has been perfect for it. It’s a nice peachy-coral that doesn’t look like a pile of tinted ash on my face. It’s a winner in my books!



I never used to be a watch type of gal, but I am a changed woman. I am able to give all types of new vibes that I never could before. A sassy look at my wrist to let you know that you’re wasting my time? Done! A stylish, barely business casual look that’s perfect for my work to class transition? You betcha! Best part: it was only $8 at Walmart!

Vogue Glasses

This was my most expensive purchase of the month, but it was a long anticipated one. I’ve wanted new frames for a while and the opportunity to fulfill my wish only came around the beginning of August! They’re wide, they’re a mix of that tortoise shell pattern and gold, and they make me look like I’m going to score well on my GRE (dress for your dreams)! Oh, and the fact that they help me see defined lines in place of multi-colored blobs is a plus as well!

Day Designer + Blue Sky Planner

I have many planner needs. It has to be cute, it needs a to-do list, it can’t have a time-block schedule, the calendar must have lines for each date box, and there needs to be a few pages for notes. In my eyes, this is a fairly simple combination, but it doesn’t match up with the majority of planners on the market. Luckily, I came across this gem. It’s a little tiny, but it ticks all the boxes and gets the job done!

What was your August love?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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