The Best Beginner Brushes on this Side of the Internet!

I’m not claiming that a good brush will make or break your entire makeup look, but it can certainly make a bomb face easier to accomplish! I speak from experience here: when you’re starting out with makeup take all the easy paths you can. You don’t have to buy the world’s most expensive brushes, but a quality brush can lower your risk of streaky foundation, under-blended eyeshadow, or super muddy bronzer.

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My top pick to test the waters of the wonderful world of brushes are EcoTools brush sets! They’re generally less than $15 per set and are completely Liv approved! In fact, they were my first brush sets when I started getting serious about my makeup game. They’re super soft, super durable, shed-free, and fairly densely packed. With some affordable brands, individual brushes may vary in their quality, but every EcoTools brush I own is top notch.


I’m primarily a fan of their kits, because I really can’t subscribe to spending more than $5 on an individual makeup brush (not with this paycheck!). They carry sets for an everyday look, for the face, for the eyes, travel kits, and beginners’ kits. Plus, every kit I own came in it’s own travel bag!


The main downside I can think of is that you will probably end up with a brush that you have no use for! Each of my sets came with a concealer brush and while I technically can use them, I don’t actually have a use for them in my makeup routine. I also got a lip brush in one but I always apply my lipstick directly from the tube, so I just use it as a brush for my cream eyeliner (fierce wings ahead)! These are pretty minor flaws, though!


What was your first brush?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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11 thoughts on “The Best Beginner Brushes on this Side of the Internet!

  1. Love this post! Eco tools brushes look great, I’ve wanted to try them for a while now. My first brush was the realtechniques expert face brush, and I love it! Although, now I’m starting to move towards the beauty blender side…

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  2. I just got the Real Techniques sponge, and it is amazing! I’ve even tried my friend’s branded beauty blender and I like this one more. I also recommend the Up and Up powder brush from Target! It’s unbelievably soft and great at patting powder all over the face. 🙂

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