Must or Bust for Your Starter Makeup Collection

Unless you’re some lucky duck that’s out here winning every Instagram makeup giveaway on the planet, your new makeup collection will probably have a slow start – especially if you don’t have unlimited funds. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t put together a bomb mini-collection. It just means that there are some things that you don’t actually need. My advice: buy smart, get creative, and let the amazing looks come to you!

Bust: Primer | Must: Moisturizer


Let it be known, primer is good – it just isn’t completely necessary. Good foundation and a good skincare routine can really make up for a lot of the assistance primer provides. Hydrated skin, leads to less dry patches, which leads to a smoother application.

Bust: Concealer | Must: Foundation


Brands can be a little can be kind of iffy on their shade selection for concealers and the deeper your skin is, the worse the problem gets. Add in the fact that most drugstore concealers are priced very similarly to drugstore foundation, and you may as well just buy a foundation to even out everything and apply it with a light hand.

Bust: Loose Powder | Must: Pressed Powder


I am a loose powder fiend, but I understand that they aren’t very practical. They’re typically super messy and really easy to over-apply, which is why I recommend starting out with a pressed powder. Swish your brush in, gently wisp it across your face, and drop it in your bag so you can touch up whenever your oil overpowers your foundation.

Bust: 20,000 Single Shadows | Must: A Do-It-All Eyeshadow Palette


The only reason you should buy a single shadow is if it’s a nude ColorPop SuperShock shadow and you’re using it as a primer. Otherwise, buy a palette with a bunch of neutral shades, a shade to fill in your brows (which works best if you’re a brunette), and a shimmery shade or two that can be swept onto the cheekbones as a highlight.

Bust: Liquid Liner | Must: Pencil Liner


I get it. Winged liner is fun. You know what’s not fun, though? The amount of time it takes for it to stop looking like trash. So before you dive into liquid liner, try your hand at getting a nice and thin strip across the lashline with a creamy pencil liner. Bonus points if you can pop it into the waterline, too without poking your eye out!

Bust: Eyebrow Pomade | Must: A Good Quality Twist Up Brow Pencil


Thank Queen Anastasia of ABH Brow Pomade fame for changing everything we thought we knew about doing brows. Even I subscribe to the cult of moussey and creamy potted brow products – and I’ve never even touched an ABH product! Still, I really recommend starting with a pencil. Get one with a firm formula, an attached spoolie, and twist-up packaging for precise lines, easy application, and 0 chance of block brows!

Bust: Expensive Mascara | Must: Almost Any Mascara from the Drugstore


Expensive products will woo, you! Trust me, I was at the BareMinerals store where I watched women who rarely wear makeup get trapped. Now these products do work well, but there are many drugstore versions that work pretty similarly. Just buy cheap because this is the product with the shortest shelf life of all time! In 6 month it will probably dry up or collect enough bacteria to give you pink eye. Don’t get pink eye.

Bust: Blush | Must: Lipstick


I wear blush almost everyday and if you really feel like you gotta buy it, then just skip this and get the Wet N’ Wild Color Icon blushes. Otherwise, save your coin and just buy lipstick. If you go for red or blush toned lips, pop a little on your cheek too and blend it out with your fingers or a stippling brush for a long-wearing flush.

What’s your must or bust for a beginner’s collection?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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12 thoughts on “Must or Bust for Your Starter Makeup Collection

  1. Loved the post! It was very informative for a beginner like me. I was very tensed thinking about stuff like primer and concealer, things which I couldn’t afford but this post made me feel good. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I totally agree, a moisturiser is way more beneficial and a definite must. I wish someone had told me this when I was younger 😛 I always thought I needed mega dry skin so you didn’t get oily throughout the day!

    Liked by 2 people

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