A Thrifty Queen’s Fall Haul

Hello world! My name is Liv and I love sweaters, autumn, and saving money! Hopefully, you already understand the theme of this post! If not, get ready to see how I have revamped my sweater collection for the autumn chill for the price of one Forever 21 sweater that would definitely get caught on another clothing item in the wash and begin to unravel until the sleeve fell off (I speak from experience)! Over the weekend, my roommates and I moseyed on over to a few local thrift stores. Here are the results!

Sweater #1:


I have a problem where anytime I get sucked into a television show or film series, I immediately feel the need to steal the characters’ style. Recently, my friends and I finished binge watching the newest season of Stranger Things (which was so beautiful, except for episode 7), so when I saw this sweater I could only think WWND (What Would Nancy Do)? Buy it, of course! I’m ready to pair it with some high waist jeans, loafers or Converse, and the most 80’s inspired stud earrings I can find!

Sweater #2


There is a very distinct pattern to my overall sweater collection, and this piece hits a lot of the marks. It’s black and white. It’s striped. It has a random and fun piece of detailing (the zippers). There’s a roomy neckline. It’s literally like someone went through my closet and meshed together 6 of my sweaters. I feel like this will be the perfect piece to snazz up my high waist leggings, exposed crew socks, and sneakers combo during finals week!

Sweater # 3


This sweater is like when you’re on Tinder and swipe right on someone, and then they message you 2 weeks later and you’re very confused about why you swiped right in the first place. Like, you know why you swiped right buy you don’t know why you swiped right. When I saw this in store I saw BELL SLEEVES, BLACK AND WHITE, GEOMETRIC PRINTS, EMPIRE WAIST and SOFT! Now all I see is PATTERN IS ONLY ON THE FRONT OF THE SHIRT, SLEEVES ARE SHORT, SOFT FLARE – NOT BELL SLEEVES AT ALL!

Sweater #4


This was the item I hemmed and hawed over the most in store, but is now the one I love the most. It’s a small, but it fits like it’s over-sized. It has a little bit of stripe detailing, which gives it a sporty and edgy look. It also has a bit of a high-low thing going on with a short slit on the sides that separates the lengths. I can definitely see this being my “all day, everyday” sweater. It shall join the ranks of my American flag atrocity piece and chunky knit with the cool zips sweater!

What’s your best thrift store find?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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