$1 Makeup Haul! Shop Miss A Haul + First Impressions

Miss A is a website that sells makeup, brushes, lashes, nail polish, skincare, and accessories all for the low, low price of $1. Because I’m a thrifty queen, I needed to know whether this would be my wallet’s new BFF or a total scam. I’ve played around with my $11 worth of products for a few days, and here are the results so far!


AOA Wonder Skin Perfecting Blur Primer


I’m confused. Blurring and illuminating? I whipped out my calculator, punched in the numbers, and this just doesn’t add up. Typically, the things that bring the glow to your face also illuminate the things you want to hide. I don’t think I have anything to worry about, though. After using this once, I didn’t see it blur or illuminate. In fact, it didn’t really do anything but leave 10 specks of glitter on my face.

AOA Wonder Metal Liquid Lipsticks

I am SHOOK! A $1 liquid lip that’s pigmented, long wearing, and pretty transfer-proof??? I bought the shades, Forever and Naughty – which looks a little more orange-infused in than I expected. Other than that, I was pretty impressed the day I wore this and am excited to try it more to make sure it’s not a secret flop!

AOA Wonder Liplock “Potion” Mattes

Once more, the colors are off. Modern looked a lot more oxblood online, and is more of a deep plum in reality. Online, Front Row looked like a muted pink. In person, it’s more of a mauve. Also, the packaging sucks! Don’t get it twisted, though. I’ve worn each lippie once, and was impressed by their wear time and how transfer-proof they were.

Santee Intense Gel Eyeliner Pencils

When I see “gel liner,” my mind automatically translates that to “throw it in your waterline!” Now, I threw these in my waterline, but they definitely did not want to be there. I’m going to play around with them more and see how they work on the lids, but I don’t have positive feelings so far.

Amuse All Day Mascara


I don’t understand. Before I put this mascara on, I had at least 20 lashes. After 1 coat, I had 10. You would think, because this claims to be a volumizing mascara, that the 10 lashes it left me with would at least look full. Well, if you thought that, you’re wrong. I just ended up with 10 very long and very wet eyelashes.

Santee Eyebrow Sword Pencil


For $1, I’ll add a little adventure to my life. That’s why I bought this brow pencil in this shape that I knew made no sense, but I thought I’d give a try. Maybe I’d be pleasantly surprised? Well, I’ve used it twice and the only surprise I have is that people genuinely love this shape in a brow pencil. If ya’ll love these, please explain. I don’t get it. What is the secret to sculpting a good brow with this triangle chisel tip?

Amuse Matte Liquid Eyeliner


I think Amuse cosmetics and I define a lot of makeup terms in very different ways. When I think of a matte liner, I think of one so matte that it sucks all the light out of the room. This liner dries to more of a semi-matte finish, especially if you go over a part of the eye twice. This being said, I am a huge fan! It’s easy to use, super black, and dries fast!

6 Pack of Earrings


I didn’t buy these because I cared about the earrings. Yes, they were super cute, but I had an ulterior motive. I bought them because I lost the backing for my favorite pair of earrings and wanted a replacement backing that wasn’t a chunk of my eraser. Surprisingly, I’ve actually enjoyed these so much that I haven’t even worn my actual favorite earrings since they came in the mail!

Have you shopped at Miss A before?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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    1. The colors are definitely a little bit off! As of late, I’ve kind of just been picking multiple shades and hoping that at least one is what I need it to be and that the rest will pleasantly surprise me!

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