4 Tips for Better Thrifting

Last week I shared my modest thrift haul, and I’m back with more thrifting goodies! Here are my tips and tricks to make sure that you walk away with all treasure (no trash) and a barely dented wallet!


Have a Vision

I get it! Thrift shopping is an amazing and sometimes overwhelming adventure! You never know exactly what you’ll find, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to make a good guess! To avoid buying that item you go home with and think, “Why did I ever think this terrible shirt deserved to touch my not-terrible body?” have some idea of what you’re heading out for. This can be as general as “I need jeans!” or more specific like, “I want an oversized black sweater.” Coming in with clarity (and a budget) can help make sure you leave with exactly what you came for!

Some Things You’ve Just Gotta Buy


A vision is great, but if I’ve learned anything from Disney Queen Raven Baxter, it’s that even the power of precognition can’t help you see everything. There will inevitably be some random item that will catch your eye and dazzle you! In fact, that item will probably be your best find of the day! The key is to approach the razzle-dazzle in moderation. Yes, finding one sweater covered in fun pictures of bananas is awesome, but it should never come at the expense of the items you actually need.

Intense Investigation

This is the tip I always slack on, but also the one that is probably the most important. Truly pay attention to what you’re buying. Yes, those jeans might be from a brand you love or in a style you’re obsessed with, but don’t let that keep you from acknowledging the weird hole 2 inches below where you bootay goes. Always, always always check for stains, holes, rips, loose or weak threading, and missing buttons.

Double Your Savings


I dabble in shopping at other thrift stores, but I grew up with Goodwill. Goodwill is where I got my best pieces. Goodwill is where I learned that you must wash your clothes to get rid of that stale thrifty scent. Goodwill is also where I learned that you can always save more. Wherever you are, be sure to check whether or not they do monthly or weekly sales, if there’s ever discounts on particular types of items, or if they give out military or student discounts. Chances are, there is an opportunity to save some extra coin, so long as you look for it!

What’s your favorite best thrift tip?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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