$1 Brows! Santee Eyebrow Sword Pencil Review

Crafting a good brow is an art! You can create ultra bold brows, ultra natural brows, fluffy brows, thin brows, glitter brows, or no brows at all. They frame the face, add the right pop to every look, and are the perfect accessory to every sassy facial expression. Your 2 brows (or one, if you go for that iconic Frida Kahlo look) have the weight of the world on their shoulders, and they need a great pencil to support them. The question is, will Miss A’s  $1 Santee Eyebrow Sword Pencil be able to handle the pressure?


The Rundown: Remember when Anastasia Beverly Hills put those triangular chisel tip pencils on the map? Yeah, this is the $1 version of that. It comes in sleek black packaging with a spoolie on one end and the twist up product on the other – everything a brow pencil in 2017 should look like. As for the actual product, I have no clue how much comes in it, because it’s not on the label. All I know is that it’s full of wax (bees wax, microcrystalline wax, and carnuba wax) and comes in 4 different shades of brown!


The Sour Milk: The first time I used this pencil I was not a fan. My brows were too thick, too bold, and not at all precise. Then, I gave it a second go and got the hang of using it, but a lot of my initial problems never went away. The pencil is definitely too thick to make precise lines. Though the chisel tip has three sharp edges, the product is so creamy that the edges lose their shape after a few strokes. This means it’s super hard to fake individual brow hairs. You can only do a thick fill. The creaminess also means the brows don’t truly set. If you accidentally swipe or rub them, they will come off.

The Fresh Carton of Almond Milk: I don’t hate this pencil. I like waxier formulas, because they grab on to each and every eyebrow hair and give them a little TLC, and this is a very waxy pencil. Also, even though the waxiness and creaminess causes the pencil to lose its shape, it easily returns back to the original molding when you retract it. The best part of this pencil isn’t its ability to reshape itself, though! The thing I like the most is how functional and quick it is. I can literally do my brows on the go in 30 seconds and they’ll last all day (so long as you don’t touch them)!


Is this my favorite pencil of all time? Definitely not, but it does do a great job for a dollar! It’s very pigmented, reshapes itself, and is incredibly convenient to use. To be honest, the only thing that will really keep me from repurchasing it is just the fact that the pencil is too thick. Pencils are for drawing. If I’m going to draw some brows on, I want to do it hair by hair. For that, I need a thinner, firmer pencil, which is the opposite of this one. This pencil isn’t my favorite cup of tea, but if you’re like a bold, cheap, and easy brow then it might be yours!


What’s your favorite bargain brow product?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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