$1 Wings! Amuse Matte Liquid Liner Review

Historically, I have not been liquid liner’s biggest fan. It was the first type of liner I ever tried out, and every time I see it I get flashbacks to when I would end up putting it everywhere but my lash line, before crying inky tears because I had poked myself in the eye. I thought I’d never use liquid liner again, yet here I am! The $1 deal on this Amuse Matte Liquid Liner from Miss A was way too good to pass up on! Let’s see if I’ve been converted to a liquid liner enthusiast!


The Lowdown: Matte liner in a matte bullet case! Woohoo! I’m in love with the packaging! You twist the top off, pull with a little bit of force, and out comes the super firm felt tip applicator covered in inky black liner. I think the tight fit of the wand in the tube is to keep your .28 oz of liner from drying up, so I’ll accept the difficulty.


That Bad, Bad: The number one problem I have with this liner is that it isn’t matte! If you do one coat, then you get a fairly matte look for the wing, but who could just do one coat? It’s the process of evening out your wings and sharpening  your lines that will mess you up. Any layering of this liner leaves a shiny finish behind. You can always fix that by going over it with a black shadow, but I’m lazy and want the quickest wing possible. I also found that if I’m having an extra terrible wing day and have to go over parts of my liner more than twice, the liner will begin to clump up on my eye.



That Good, Good: I thought I would have a lot of problems with this liner, but it’s actually fairly easy for my novice hands! I like the firmness of the felt tip, because it gives me ultimate control over where the product goes. Also, the tip actually holds up! I’ve used felt tip pens in the past where the tip would crumble off when I tried to use it to sharpen a line, but this one stays firmly in place! It still isn’t the easiest product for my winged liner, but I never feel too frustrated using it. The best part: it’s super pigmented and lasts all day without cracking or crumbling (as long as you don’t put too much on)!


Surprisingly, I’m a fan of this liner and would actually repurchase it! I still have a strong preference for my Elf cream eyeliners, but I think this is definitely a good option. It’s easy to travel with, because the brush, product, and case are all in one sealed place. It’s easier to use than other other liquid liners I’ve tried due to the felt tip. It’s also long wearing, which is great because I never touch up my makeup! It’s an amazing $1 buy!

What’s your liner of choice?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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