My Only Black Friday Purchase – Blogmas Day 3

This past Black Friday season, the deals on my Instagram feed, email subscription lists, and all of the sites that I visited said, “Please, come and buy all my stuff at the prices that we should have sold them at in the first place!” And I was hype for these purchases! I was interested in buying these items! I was imagining how lovely they would look in my collection! And then I checked my bank account and realized that Black Friday may have been ready to accept my coin, but my coin was not ready to accept Black Friday. The only exception: Lorac Cosmetics.


The Deal: 50% off all of the Disney Beauty and the Beast collection products + free shipping

My $14: deposited into Lorac’s pockets



I have a love/hate relationship with Lorac Cosmetics. I absolutely love every single product I have ever purchased from them, and they make my favorite eyeshadows of all time. I absolutely hate those tiny 10 shade lines they release their foundation in, because that is disrespectful and complete nonsense. In fact, it’s because of this discrepancy in the foundation shades that I never even thought about buying this palette when it was full price. Even if the black model swatches looked good online, there was no way to guarantee that these blushes wouldn’t look like a dusting of pink ash across my cheeks.


Thankfully, I took the plunge when this palette dropped from it’s original price of $28 to a more reasonable $14! The blushes are smooth, pigmented, and have a lot more plum and berry undertones which are perfect for fall and winter and also suit my skin well. My favorite shade so far is Rose, which is a berry toned shade with a little shimmer in it. A close second is the highlight, Fearless, which shows up as a soft and natural golden glow on my skin, though it can be built up for more drama.


My favorite part of this is definitely the packaging. Simple and sleek packaging is my jam and it’s something Lorac does best. This palette is still very Disney, but it manages to keep Lorac’s signature sophisticated style. It’s super thin and from far away, the design practically blends into case. It’s also just a smart packaging choice for my needs, because I hate buying individual blushes. In fact, these will probably be the last blushes I buy for the next year or two. Plus, when I’m traveling I can just pop this in my makeup bag and have a selection of blushes and a highlight ready to go!


Did you do any Black Friday shopping?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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