A Case of Too Many Phones – Blogmas Day 7

Over the course of less than a week I have gone through not one, not two, but three cell phones. I would love to say that it’s because I’m such a Boss Lady that I have a work phone, play phone, and an everyday phone, but it’s actually just a case of odd misfortune.


Last Christmas, I was ready to update from my LG Volt to literally anything else. It was lagging, my apps would randomly shut down, and it offered the worst combination of no storage space + an inability to put apps on a memory card. My Christmas wish came true, and my gracious parents bought me a Samsung Galaxy J3. I would describe my feelings as I activated my phone as, “Hallelujah [prayer hands that are actually clapping hands emoji] [prayer hands that are actually clapping hands emoji] [ok hand sign emoji] [bread emoji]!” Sure, it wasn’t the most standard of Samsung phones, but I could work my way up to that status myself. All that mattered to me was that it was bigger, thinner, sleek, and gold.

My new phone and I went on to have a lot of good times together. We battled telemarketers. We evaded scammers. We put together the most lit Snapchats of all time. I thought we were doing great. I thought our love was strong. Apparently, I was mistaken and my phone was actually looking for any out from that relationship, because it straight up died on Sunday night.

Picture this: I come home from work, listening to a podcast on my phone. Exit out the app, set my phone on my bed, and proceed to spend 2 hours on my laptop. I decide to go to bed, need my phone for a flashlight and morning alarm, press the power button to wake it up, and … nothing. It’s all black and unresponsive. I try again and get the same results. I take the battery out, pop it back in, plug it into the charger, do the hokey pokey and I turn it all around, give a little compression only CPR, and still nothing. After all of those times when I ghosted men on Tinder, I was literally ghosted by my cell phone. This was my comeuppance.

I did a Google search of ‘my samsung galaxy won’t turn on or charge or do anything really’ and got linked to a few articles from other people whose phone had suffered the same “Black Screen of Death.” I learned 1) that I was not alone, 2) that I would have to take my phone in for repair, and 3) repairing my phone would cost as much coin as a new phone.

On the bright side, I never threw my LG Volt away. I easily turned it on, activated it, and it was like our relationship had never ended. My 7 Google Chrome tabs of weird medical questions and searches for ugly cats were even still open. It’s like it had been waiting for my return. Unfortunately, I never got over that ‘must ditch this phone’ feeling, which meant that less than 24 hours after activation, I had a new phone in my cart on Amazon. And now, I am the owner of a very suspicious amount of phones.

How is your week going?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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