$1 Lipstick? AOA Wonder Liplock 24 Hour Review – Blogmas Day 10

I love cheap things! I also like trying out cheap lipsticks, even though most of them ultimately end up wronging my ultra chapped mouth. That’s why I decided to throw 4 different lipsticks into my basket on the Miss A website, knowing good and well that there was a high chance of disappointment. What can I say? I’m a glutton for punishment. So did these $1 lipsticks ruin my life or were they a diamond in the rough?


The Prologue: I bought two of the lipsticks from the Potion Mattes line: Modern (a deep plum/red shade) and Front Row (a mauve). They came in this really ugly packaging with clear plastic lids and also clear plastic around the base, but it’s $1 so they had to cut corners somewhere. I think the biggest problem is just the same issue a lot of $1 lipsticks have where they make the actual product longer than the tube. This means that at some point you will chop a piece of your lipstick off while trying to put the lid on as I did the first time I used it.


The Conflict: Again, the packaging kind of sucks, but I’m used to it since I buy a lot of $1 lippies. The only thing that’s truly problematic about the packaging is that if you accidentally twist the lipstick all the way up, then it is nearly impossible to get it to come back down. The other issue is that the deeper shade, Modern, is a bit of a Patchy Patty. If you think you’re just putting on one coat and heading out the door, you are wrong, but it’s an easy fix. The only legitimate problem with the lipsticks is that they don’t really look like the colors they are online. I was expected modern to be more of a deep red or oxblood, but in real life, those purple tones really came through in a way I wasn’t anticipating. Online, Front Row looks like a muted dark pink. In person that lipstick is a dusty mauve purple, which definitely is not my color.

Initial Application
6 Hours – No Reapplication
12 Hours – No Reapplication

The Resolution: I’m not going to lie. I think the formula is good. I remember putting on those old school Wet n’ Wild lippies that felt like I was rubbing actual chalk on my lips. These are nothing like those. The formula isn’t hydrating, but it isn’t drying at all and sits very comfortably on the lips. Plus, it literally does lock onto the lips. It applies like a normal lipstick, but then holds like liquid lipstick. It’s long-wearing and transfers less than my other traditional lipsticks. I wore it for a full 12 hours straight without retouching and it really only faded on my bottom lip.


In my opinion, you all should hop on the Miss A website and buy 10 of these right now! They’re only $1, the formula is bomb, and I like them more than most of the lipsticks in my collection. The only true downfall of these products is that the online pictures are not true to color, so don’t fall too in love with any shade until you get it. If you love a little bit of a surprise buy, then you’ll probably be fine with this, but if you’re a stickler for your shades, then you may want to pass.

What are your favorite bargain lipsticks?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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