$20 or Less Ulta Beauty Gift Guide – Blogmas Day 12

I love beauty products, a good deal, and giving presents to my friends and family! I decided to combine all of my loves together in this post with some recommendations for the beauty lover in your life – even if that beauty lover is you! Treat yourself, or treat a friend. Regardless of who is getting treated, here are 6 rad beauty gifts from Ulta, all for under $20!

I Dew Care Lets Get Sheet Faced Masks – $18.75

Source: Ulta

Two weeks worth of masks for under $20? It’s the gift that doesn’t stop giving – until you run out. In my opinion, masks are always a great option. Not only are they good for your skin, but they also give you some time to chill and relax!

Lash Lookbook 8 Pairs + Duo – $17.49

Source: Ulta

If you’re like me, sometimes you need a lash, but you just don’t have the right lash. This is why I recommend the gift of lashes for every occasion. This book contains 8 pairs of lashes for natural looks, glam looks, and all the in between looks!

Little Gems 6 Pc Trend Lacquer Collection – $14.40


Now isn’t this just a little cutie! The packaging is so adorable, and it, like the lashbook, provides options for every occasion. Whoever receives this can have natural nails, glam nails, and some mighty edgy nails. Just know, they’ll all be showstopping!

Online Only Sculpt & Shine 3 Piece Brush Set – $10.00

Source: Ulta

To be honest, I don’t find makeup brushes that exciting, but they do so much of the behind the scenes work in your makeup routine. This set is all about contouring and highlighting, so get ready to gift someone the most beat face of their life!

Beeswax Bounty Fruit Mix Holiday Gift Set – $9.99

Source: Ulta

There’s no gift quite like the gift of moisturization in these trying winter times. Freezing temperatures, harsh winds, replacing all of the water in your life with the less hydrating coco option – we all need some help. Reach out to a loved one and give the gift of non-crispy lips.

Gingerbread Cookies Brightening Warming Gel Mask – $3

Source: Ulta

Honestly, I don’t know whether or not this gift will actually do anything, but it is the perfect fun stocking stuffer or cheap gift to exchange with your bestie! If it really does hydrate, even out, and illuminate the skin, that’s great. I think it’ll probably just smell good and feel good!

Do you trust the gingerbread mask?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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