2018 Blogging Goals

The new year is upon us, which hopefully means a year of great blogging fun for me. Previously, I shared all of my favorite posts and moments of 2017. Now, I’m ready to let the past die a fast death (though I will always remember both its blessed and cursed moments) and take a one way trip to Future Town! I have high hopes for 2018 and firmly believe that it will be my best blogging year to date! Here are my 2018 blogging goals to ensure that happens!


Gain 500+ Followers

My goal for the end of 2018 was 350 and I didn’t necessarily think that I was going to make it, but Blogmas really pulled me through here! Honestly, followers aren’t everything, but it is nice to know that people are reading your posts and are genuinely interested in hearing what you have to say.

Post (at least) Twice a Week

This was actually my goal for 2017, but I don’t think I actually accomplished it, though I did get much better toward the latter half of the year. Blogmas taught me that even if I’m incredibly stressed and incredibly busy, I can still come through with something to share with y’all. Plus, writing is therapeutic, so forcing myself to write is kind of like forcing myself to take time for me.

Include More Personal Posts

I definitely do still plan on having beauty be the bulk of my blog’s content, but I also would like to give a little bit more of myself to you all. I really enjoyed putting together my New Orleans travel diary and reflecting on that trip, and I hold my posts about my personal experiences very dear to my heart. I’m a very guarded person, but the process of sharing yourself with people is so rewarding and I want to encourage myself to do this more. So look forward to more travel diaries or a weekend update post!

Test More DIY Products

I test a lot of makeup and skincare products, new and old, but everyone doesn’t always have the coin for that, myself included. I’m definitely interested in trying out DIY beauty options and letting you all know what is the truth and what is an absolute lie!

Improve My Instagram Presence

The social media aspect of blogging has always been the hardest part for me, which is why my social media presence sucks. Previously, it was because I was afraid of the people in my daily life actively knowing and being reminded that I have a blog. Now, it’s just because posting about my posts online is nowhere near as rewarding as actually putting up a blog post. This being said, I do genuinely enjoy using social media to look at other people’s stuff, and I do spend a lot of time on Instagram already, so my 2018 goal is to learn to enjoy Instagram in a new, bloggy type of way!

What are your blogging goals for the new year?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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12 thoughts on “2018 Blogging Goals

  1. I love your blogging goals. I think you’ll definitely be able to gain at least 500 followers this year. Also, I definitely love your idea of adding more personal posts. I love to follow bloggers that post a variety of things, including things about themselves. It personalizes the blog and makes the blogger stand out from others. 🙂

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