Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer – Review

Nothing leaves me more skeptical of a product than when it claims to do 3,000 different things. I would love if it could accomplish all of those things, but often they can’t. As such, I inherently trust any item of makeup that stays humble and aims to tackle a few simple goals. Meet this ultra humble, goal-defined concealer from Maybelline named Dream Lumi Touch, which simply claims to conceal imperfections and illuminate the skin.


The Game Show is…: This is one of the twisty, clicky pen products, which some people hate, but I love. Essentially, you twist the bottom a few times and it pushes the concealer out of the tube and into the synthetic brush applicator. You get 0.05 fl oz amount of product and can very easily control how much – or how little – you use.


Sad Buzzer Noise, Wrong Answer: I’ve owned this concealer before and I have the same main complaint now as I did when I used it a year ago: the shade selection is horrible! I used to use the shade medium/deep, which is neither medium nor deep. It’s light beige! I looked like a fool. Now I use deep, which is a highlight shade on my not actually deep complexion. It’s also closer to my skin tone than I would really like, and as it has more time to sit on my skin, it slowly begins to get closer to my foundation shade. If that’s what they call deep, I’m very curious to know what the next and last shade, Dark, looks like.


The other major con is the ridiculously small amount of product that comes in the pen: 0.05 fl oz. For comparison, the Instant Age Rewind and Maybelline Fit Me! concealers both come with about 4 times that amount at 0.2 and 0.23 fl oz respectively. Maybelline’s Master Conceal comes with 8 times the amount with 0.4 fl oz. This concealer is priced very similarly to all of these other concealers (in fact, it’s actually more expensive than Fit Me! at many stores), but comes with way less product than every other Maybelline concealer I can think of.


Ding! Correct!: I do actually like the formula of this concealer and it does what it claims to do! It conceals and leaves a luminous, dewy glow on my skin, which is exactly the type of finish I like in my concealers. It makes my skin look so healthy. It also covers up the slightest bit of under eye darkness that I have, though it only lasts about 6 hours or so. I would call it more of a light-medium coverage, which works for me, because I don’t mind having a bit of my acne scars peeking through. It keeps me humble. It’s also fairly lightweight and doesn’t crease too much throughout the day. Plus, I love a clicky pen!



I actually like this concealer, but I don’t think I’m going to buy it again. Yes, it works and, yes, it gives me the finish that I like, but I’m trying to phase myself out of using makeup that I can’t recommend to my friends and I can’t recommend something with this shade range to them. That would be so disrespectful. Plus, the amount of product you get for the price is nonsensical. I think that if you’re in a pinch, you need to buy a super cheap concealer for a short trip, because you forgot yours at home (which is exactly how I ended up with this one), and they actually have your shade, then pick this up! Otherwise, just buy the Fit Me! concealer.

Have you used this concealer before?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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5 thoughts on “Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Concealer – Review

      1. Yeah, my skin is randomly sensitive to that concealer (and Burt Bee’s makeup remover wipes), but I like the finish of it, so I just ignore the initial face tingles and wear it anyways!

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