2018 To-Do List

I’m not necessarily the biggest fan of new year resolutions. I’m a person who has a lot of fears and anxieties around various random things, so if I hem and haw and set a specific date to do something, chances are I’ll just have more time to let my fear build and come up with creative reasons for why accomplishing said task is actually a horrible idea. Because of this, I prefer to do a lot more impulsive actions to tackle my fears in the moment, so that I don’t have the time to talk myself out of it.


This being said, I do appreciate some nice and simple goal setting. I like to have vision of things that I genuinely believe that I can do and think of it as more of a to-do list. So while you might think you’re looking at my resolutions, I’m actually envisioning a huge to do list with some cute boxes I can check off with my multi-colored pen pack.

Go to Chicago

I’m not a well traveled individual. When other people say “vacation” I just envision a whole bunch of those money flying away from you with its wings emojis. Its like I know internally that I can travel a bit and not feel too bad for it, so long as I section the money off for it, but I also know that there are other, more practical things I can invest in, like bills. So this year I’m going to put that frugal part of my brain on mute for a bit, start getting better about saving my cash, and take myself to the home of deep dish pizza with my friends.

Graduate Magna Cum Laude

What do I get from graduating magna cum laude? Nothing, but the joy of knowing that I did it! I always tell other people that grades are nowhere near as important as they think that they are, but I don’t have that same standard for myself. I like making A’s and meeting my own high academic standards. Doing so up until the finish of school will literally be the cherry on top of my own “pat on the back” sundae.

Start Graduate School

This is a bit of a wild goal, because I haven’t even applied to a single school yet. I haven’t even taken any of the tests! If you know anything about applying to graduate programs, you’re probably quaking right now, but I am confident in myself and I know when all of my deadlines end. So, my task isn’t simply to apply or to be accepted. My task is to go.

Take Up Russian … Again

I think I may have briefly mentioned this in a post before, but I actually did study Russian for two years. I came to college anticipating being a Russian studies minor and even thought, very, very briefly, about doing a Maymester over there, but decided against it. Now, my classes are over, I’m not forced to spend hours learning the language, and grow worse and worse at it every single day – which sucks, because I was never that good to begin with. Now, I’m not aiming for fluency or anything. I just want to be able to watch the rest of Кухня without subtitles and actually understand most of what’s happening.

Take More Pictures

I take a lot of photos for my blog or my Instagram, but not really a lot of photos for myself. In my family, we don’t really have a lot of pictures of each other. In fact, our most recent family portrait is from when I was an infant, which was 20 years ago! I don’t want to be like my parents! I get so much joy from looking at the few family photos and photos of myself with my friends that I have hanging on my wall, especially because I forget what people look like all the time! So, I not only want to make exciting memories in 2018, but I want to commemorate them as well!

What are you to-do’s for 2018?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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