Liv’s Guide to a Chill Self-Care Day

On this past Monday I looked at my schedule for the week and was very confused. I was ridiculously busy! I know myself. I am a very easily overwhelmed person, which is why I always do my best to keep from having too many active commitments at once, but sometimes life happens. Thankfully, I had this weekend free and decided to take a Saturday to rest, relax, and re-group. Here is my guide to a perfect day of self-care.


Building a Netflix Cave


A lazy day for me happens in my bed cuddled up with my laptop. I began making sure the environment was right for this activity. I needed the right ambiance, so I turned down the lights. My owl shaped lamp and string lights stolen from my parents’ Christmas tree carried the sole responsibility of illuminating my room. Then I moved on to picking the right content to stream. Because I essentially had 12+ hours to watch whatever I wanted, I decided to get a little adventurous with my Netflix choices. I watched the new film, Step Sisters, which wasn’t great, but wasn’t terrible either. It reminded me of Bring It On, so I tried to follow it up with a film from that series. Unfortunately I chose the worst Bring It On film in existence and couldn’t make it past the first 16 minutes.

Mask On


I’m generally a huge fan of face masks, but a chill day is the perfect time to test out new ones, because no one will see you if it happens to horribly burn your skin! Thankfully, this Frudia mask I picked up from the K Beauty section of CVS didn’t do that! That being said, the netting underneath was a little rough and irritated the skin around my nose and eye. It did leave my face feeling super plump, which is good since it’s supposed to focus on hydration and combating wrinkles, but I don’t think I’ll buy it again.

Soothing Drinks


For me, any moment of rest and relaxation is incomplete without a hot drink to sip on. I’m definitely more of a tea person, than a coffee person, which is why I own so much tea (this is not my full collection)! I brewed two cups back to back to enjoy throughout my movie marathon!

Hot Stove Party


I’m a stress baker, but that doesn’t extend to my cooking habits. If I have a mini freak out while baking, I might accidentally over mix my batter and end up with a tough muffin. If I have a mini freak out while cooking, I might accidentally chop off a piece of my thumb instead of a piece of my carrot. Cooking involves sharp things, like knives, which is why I typically prefer to do it when I’m already in relaxation mode. Then, I pull out the stops. I whip out my phone, turn up my favorite playlist, and shake my seasonings to the beat! Because the day was all about relaxation, I wanted craft up something that’d make me feel warm and cozy, so I decided to make a variation of this soup recipe!

Eat with Your Faves


A good soup deserves some truly good company. No, I’m not talking about my friends; I’m talking about a good show or movie! I rounded out my self-care adventure by bundling up in my blanket with my soup and an episode of Supernatural, which I just started watching about a week or two ago!

What do you do on a chill day?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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