January Loves

It was a new year, a new month, but I’ve realized that I’m pretty much the same me! For the most part, I spent January using products that I already knew I liked, especially during the beginning of the month when I was still at home for winter break. Thankfully, returning to campus did reunite me with my full makeup collection, so I was able to play around a little bit more with products that I forgot I owned! I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder!


Lorac Beauty and the Beast Cheek Palette


This is the only item on the list that is definitely no longer for sale, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve stopped loving it! At first, I wasn’t really obsessed with the palette, because the blush shades didn’t appear very pigmented on my face. Then, I started using a dense flat top brush and a slightly heavier hand to dip into the blushes and my flushed cheeks were on level 10! My favorite shade is the one on the very bottom called “Rose,” which looks great on my brown skin.

Maybelline FaceStudio Master Conceal


For some reason Maybelline can produce relatively decent shade ranges for their foundations (in comparison to other drugstore brands), but just don’t seem to put that same effort into their concealers. This is a product of that, but I make it work. It’s medium – almost full – coverage and comes in a nice little squeezy tube. I ended up buying the shade Medium 40, because anything else at the store would have been too dark, and use it for when I want some dramatic brightening happening on my face. If I want to be a bit more low key, I mix it in with a better matched concealer to boost the coverage of the original.

L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara


If you saw my most recent mini haul, then you already may have guessed this was coming! This is simply an amazing drugstore mascara! It adds length! It adds volume! It makes my lashes look like what KathleenLights lashes always look like in all of her makeup tutorials, which is the aesthetic I’m always going for and can now achieve. The only true flaw in this product is that it dries out faster than any other mascara I’ve ever tried and then starts crumbling and falling into my eyes. But when it’s fresh … Oooh, Mama! It’s good!

CoverGirl Melting Pout Matte Lipstick in All Nighter



I own a lot of lipsticks, but for some reason I always find myself wearing the same five colors. I just need the shade, undertones, and formula to be right and when I find one that hits all three of those targets, I can’t stop wearing it. This is one of those. Not only is it a super comfortable, long wearing, and pigmented formula, but the color is amazing! It’s honestly perfect for any occasion. On the daily, I wear it with a natural face of makeup for a pop of color. When I’m feeling more fancy, it pairs well with a brown smoky eye and bright cupids bow highlight. Fun fact: that stunning lip in the picture was taken after 7 hours of wear and two meals!

AOA Wonder Blender


My mom asked me to buy her some makeup for Christmas and I delivered – with some help from my favorite low cost website! I also delivered a gift to myself, which was this blending sponge! I heard Tati on YouTube talking about how amazing these $1 blending sponges were and, because I trust almost everything that comes out of her mouth, I went out and bought one for me and one for my mom! The one I picked has a flat bottom, which I like for pressing in powder and blending concealer under the eye. They also sell the sponges in their traditional teardrop shape, as well as in miniature sizes. Bonus point: when you buy the pink “Paw Paw” sponges, they donate to one of their partnered animal charity organizations!


images (1)

It’s so wild to think that I’ve been sleeping on this show for over a decade, but I’ve recently started watching it on Netflix and I am hooked! A lot of the people I hung out with in high school watched it and many of the blogs that I used to follow on Tumblr posted about it all the time, so I knew who many of the characters were, understood the premise of the show, and had even watched 2 or 3 episodes. It just wasn’t until the start of this month that I really gave it a chance. I’m currently on the last episode of season 2 and am excited to keep watching until I reach the point in the series where everyone I followed online kept saying, “Can this show please end now?”

What were your January Loves?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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