Amazing Black Women You Should Be Watching Every Month of the Year

Black women are always up to amazing things no matter where they are. You see them at Kroger? Up to something amazing! You see them see them on Instagram? Up to something amazing! You see them in the Starbucks drive through? Up to something amazing! You seen them online in your YouTube feed? Definitely, definitely, definitely up to something amazing, which is what this blog post is all about. Here are some of the black women that I’m watching 365 days out of the year and if you haven’t subscribed to any of them yet, now is the time to go and do it!

Chanel Ambrose


Chanel is the reason why my makeup game went from a solid 2.3 to a 7 or 8. My makeup used to look like TRASH every single day. Then, I watched Chanel’s Makeup MISTAKES Black Women Commonly Make! and got myself together. Now, you will never catch me with boxy, black eyebrows or a powdered donut lip. I’m a changed woman!

Jackie Aina


Jackie Aina is my YouTube queen! Queen of information! Queen of one brand tutorials! Queen of brand reviews! Queen of poppin’ wigs! Queen of press on nails! Queen of honesty! And queen of being unapologetically black! For a good Black History Month (and any other day of the month) watch, I’d recommend The Worst Beauty Brands EVER For POC! or her B.O.M.B. challenge video. And for a laugh, her PRODUCTS I HATE MAKEUP TUTORIAL (Roasting Makeup Products).



For me, JusBas is a bit of a two for one deal. I follow her main channel, as well as her family vlog channel. I originally came across her main channel, because I was experiencing an intense story time video phase, and her stories were wild! Now, I mainly watch a lot of her wig and advice videos and vlogs. If you are looking for an exciting story, check out my favorite video of hers Story Time..He Was MARRIED!!!

Missy Lynn


I learned about Missy Lynn a few years back when I kept seeing all of these videos where various beauty vloggers were using her BH Cosmetics collaborations. While I do enjoy her beauty videos, what really drew me in were her videos about financial planning and how she bought her first home.



Most of the YouTubers I watch were picked because they do amazing beauty videos, but I actually started watching Kim for her fashion videos. She’s recently moved to Kuwait and is making some changes in her online presence to focus in on providing tools for others to become entrepreneurs. While you wait for new content to come out, I recommend watching Top 10 Inexpensive Trendy Plus Size Stores To Shop At!

One Smart Fro


I don’t talk about my natural hair journey that much, but Gina is one of the resources I turned to during the start of the process. When I was still transitioning, I watched her Bantu Knots on Medium Relaxed Hair video to learn how to do my go-to style from 2014-2016. To be honest, I don’t fully take care of my natural hair, but when I do, I’m always looking out for Gina’s videos.

Patricia Bright


I personally hate spending my own money, but there’s something thrilling about watching other people spend their money on clothes from suspicious websites. At her wildest, Patricia shopped at Wish and then shopped at Wish again and at Everything 5 Pounds. Don’t worry, though! She also shops at stores like ASOS and gives out some pretty good fashion tips too!

Posh Rosa


This is my girl, Rosa, from Barbados! She does beauty tutorials and you really should just watch them all, but if you’re looking for some specific places to start, I recommend going for Summer Bronze Glowing Makeup and My Simple Brow Routine!

Rose Kimberly


Rose Kimberly is a beacon of awesome makeup tips and positive energy! While she does tutorials, they’re really focused in so you can find one that will help you live your makeup dreams. Check out MAKEUP FOR BROWN EYESOILY SKIN Foundation RoutineSoft Easy Valentine’s Day Makeup Tutorial For Dark Skin, and SKINCARE ROUTINE I Fade Dark Marks & Acne Prone for Clear Skin.

Tina Marie


Before Tina Marie, I had no clue that there was such a thing as a “Dollar Tree Haul,” but now my eyes have been opened and I am a huge Dollar Tree fan! In addition to doing hauls from the Dollar Tree and other stores like Bath & Body Works and Victoria’s Secret, she also give very honest reviews on the products she tries out. Also, if you like snooping on people’s daily lives, she has a family vlog channel too!

Too Much Mouth


Because I’m always on the hunt for a truly great foundation, I need to follow someone who is also on that hard journey. If you’re looking for loads of foundation and concealer reviews, she’s your gal! Plus, if you’re just as excited for the Black Panther as I am, then you’ll probably want to watch the Princess Shuri Makeup Inspired Tutorial!

Who have I left out?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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