It’s Another Miss A Haul!

Can you believe that the only two websites that I’ve ordered from in the past 3 months has been Miss A and Amazon? It’s so wild, that those are the only two beauties that get my love now, but I honestly have little desire to shop anywhere else. While I can’t treat you all to a true Amazonian Stan haul right now, I can do one for online beauty dollar store extraordinaire, Miss A, who I visited for some new concealers. Then I remembered, domestic shipping is $3.95 and it would be ridiculous to pay more in shipping than in actual product, so of course I had to buy more things. Here is my loot!


Also, I never showed how Miss A delivers packages during my first haul, but I’m a fan. They all come in this chic black bag that’s full of cushion-y goodness. I like unwrapping presents, so I get a thrill from removing the bubble wrap and then the tissue paper and then the styrofoam. Plus, I can upcycle most of the safety packaging and use it when I pack my own boxes on moving day!


AOA Wonder Cover Concealer in Fawn and Cool Tan


While I don’t hate the squeezy tube concealer from Maybelline that I’ve been using for the past couple of months, I really prefer the ease of application given with a wand. Even though I wanted to go back to the style I knew, I was willing to try out a concealer I had never used before. There were a lot of shades to choose from, so I pulled a total YouTube beauty guru move and bought two different shades. I’m currently leaning toward Fawn, because Coo Tan is a bit more pink than I’d prefer.

AOA Go Brow Mascara in Medium Brown


I’ve never used a brow mascara, but I’m always willing to try something new with my brows! I tried it out yesterday on my bare brows and while everyone said they looked well groomed, they didn’t necessarily look fuller or tinted. Because I don’t have that much brow hair naturally, especially toward the front 1/3 of my brow, I think this will be best used when combined with my normal brow pencil/powder/cream.

AOA Perfect Setting Powder in Banana


I actually bought this powder for my mom for Christmas, and she hasn’t complained about it, so I figured that I might as well take it for a spin, too! I forgot the packaging was kind of tiny, but it’s only $1 so it makes complete sense. It’ll also be good to throw in my bag for my spring and Easter break trips!

Esfolio Milk Essence Mask Sheet


I love trying out new face masks and I was won over by the packaging. Cute cows living their life and truth? Sign me up! Plus, I really only use sheet masks when they claim to be hydrating and this one has milk protein essence which should moisturize and nourish my skin. Will it actually do that? Who knows! Will I definitely throw creepy mask selfies on myself trying it out all over my Instagram story? You betcha!

I Don’t Know What These Are


I was confused when I saw these in the package, because I honestly did not remember buying them. They are listed on my invoice, so I just assumed that it was a throwaway item that I threw in my cart because I was feeling wild. Turns out, I really didn’t order these! Online, my order shows that I payed for these Double Triangle Gem Earrings, which were hella cute and look nothing like what I received. I will still keep these, because they were only a dollar and they’re not ugly, but I will continue to dream of those better geometric earrings.

Wooden Disc & Pearl Earrings


I’m usually not a large, dangly earring type of gal, but ever since I started rocking my simple gold hoops, I’ve been called to try out more drama on my ears! I’m kind of afraid of my lobes stretching out, so I don’t think I’ll get too wild with my collection, but I was still willing to give these ones a go! Hopefully, they’ll be the statement piece I’ve been looking for!

Have you shopped at Miss A? Did they send you something you didn’t order?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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