Black Owned Beauty Brands to Add to Your Wishlist

The fact that my makeup collection is much larger than what any normal human needs makes me quite happy. The fact that not a single one of the products in that collection is from a brand owned by someone who looks like me does not. I want to change the way my collection looks by supporting black entrepreneurship. Here are some of the brands that I’ve been scoping out and the products from them that are on my wishlist!

Juvia’s Place


Unless you’ve been living under some kind of social media rock (or simply aren’t super tuned into the beauty community – we all have our social media interests), then you’ve probably seen a Juvia’s Place palette or two. The brand was launched a few years ago by Chichi Eburu and has been slaying the game ever since. I’m personally on the lookout for the Saharan and Saharan II palettes, because I live for warm toned palettes that come with a little razzle-dazzle pop of color. Also, the packaging is BOMB!

Miss Jessie’s


I’m not going to lie. My hair care regime is trash! It’s gotten a little bit better since I went natural a few years back, but I really need to start buying products that are made for curly hair, like Miss Jessie’s. Created by Titi and Miko Branch, and named after their grandmother, Miss Jessie’s is a salon and hair care brand that caters to curly locks. I’ve got my eye on the Coily Custard, because I’m always on the hunt for the best wash and go styler for my hair! May I end up with the most beautiful fro on Earth!

Beauty Bakerie


I’m writing this post about makeup right after making a loaf of chocolate chip banana bread, so it is no surprise that my two passions are baking and makeup. Then I was scrolling through Instagram and saw a sponsored post that combined my two loves and I was shook. As you may have guessed, this is honestly the brand I am the most excited to try out. It was created in 2011 by Cashmere Nicole and has been whipping up some tasty treats ever since! Ideally, I’d like to try everything, but I think I want to start with the Flour Setting Powder and the Do It For The Graham Palette!

Danessa Myricks Beauty


I learned about this brand from Queen of YouTube herself, Jackie Aina. Personally, I’m not on Jackie’s level of talent and my bank account can’t really support any attempts to mimick her makeup collection, but a girl can dream. She says that the Enlight Illuminators are amazing, and while I can’t prove it with my own experiences, I don’t think Jackie is really in the business of allowing anything less than spectacular to grace her face (except for when the theme of the video calls for it)!

Fashion Fair


My alternate universe personas are a dental hygenist and a beauty historian, the latter of which being the reason why I am so interested in learning all about makeup history! I originally heard of Fashion Fair from my “studies,” but I’d never seen them in stores or heard anyone talking about their products. Despite that, they’ve apparently been a longtime favorite of black women across the globe, which means I need to stop sleeping on them! I want to give stick foundations a go and try the Fast Finish Foundation Stick!

Coloured Raine


I don’t think I’ve ever read a list of black owned makeup brands that did not mention Coloured Raine. It was founded a few years ago by Loraine and focuses on producing colorful products that will work on all skin tones and ultimately bring more diversity into the makeup world, which is a message I can get behind. I’ve mainly heard about the liquid lipsticks, which I would definitely invest in, but I personally feel inspired by the Lovelies Eyeshadow Palette. Not only is the packaging stunning, but the colors would take me a bit out of my comfort zone, which is what I think this brand is all about!

Blac Minerals Cosmetics


Cruelty-free? Check. Paraben-free? Check. Sulfate-free? Check. Black Minerals aims to make nonsense-free natural makeup makeup for women of color. Personally, what speaks to me about this brand is that it’s something that I would feel comfortable recommending to my mom, who is all about a brand that supports a no-nonsense makeup routine. She’s not out here to do the world’s most dramatic contour with a bold eye. She just wants to throw on her mineral foundation, add some highlight for some razzle dazzle, pop on her gloss, and go. Catch me on this site in a couple of months as we get closer to Mother’s Day!

Have you tried any of these brands?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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