Q.U.E.E.N. Makeup Transformation

Hello, friends! Black History Month may be over, but I celebrate my blackness on the daily and today I’m doing so through a combination of music and makeup. Five years ago, Janelle Monae dropped the music video for Q.U.E.E.N., which serves some iconic makeup looks, powerful imagery of black bodies traveling through time, and a reflection of music and art in black tradition! It’s all around amazing and so I decided to create a set of makeup looks inspired by some of those present in the video!

Mod Look



This is my favorite look of the bunch and the one I think flattered me the best! It taps into some 60’s mod vibes, which I love because when you Google 60’s makeup, the photo results play you and act like black women just did not ever wear any at this point in time – which is not true! The face makeup for everyone in the scene was fairly similar, but I went with the eye look of one of the dancers, instead of Janelle Monae’s. I popped a beige shade all over the lid, with a bit of silver blended in for a slight sheen, and then put a wing on my lash line and mimicked the same shape in the crease. For the face, I popped on a pale pink blush, a soft golden highlight, and a little bit of bronzer for a very natural and nude base. Then I threw on a brown lip liner and a nude glossy lip!

Janelle Monae’s Look


Janelle Monae’s main look throughout the video is a soft glowly lid, kohl lined eyes, and a bold red lip, which I did my best to recreate. She has more of a”my skin, but shimmery” shade on her eyes, but I don’t have anything that would mimic that look on my skin tone, so I went for a bronzey-gold shade, instead. Then I went all around my eyes with a pencil, which I rarely ever do. I kept the skin matte with a subtle flush to the cheeks and a soft copper highlight. To finish it all up, I added the Covergirl liquid lip in All Nighter!

Badoula Oblongata’s Look


In this music video, Erykah Badu transformed into Janelle Monae’s partner, Badoula Oblangata. The most iconic part of the look for me is the bold red lid with black all around to define the shape of the crease and smoked out on the lower lashline. I don’t own a red shadow in that color, so I used the same liquid lip in All Nighter on my lid and also down the center of my face. Because the eye look and those red elements are so bold, the rest of the face is relatively natural and nude. In fact, it’s all so natural that I’m not even wearing lipstick! I just blended my foundation onto the outer parts of my lips and then drew the red line through the center! The only thing I’m really missing is the BEAMING highlight on the cheekbones, but you win some you lose some!


Is this a great song and video or is this a great song and video?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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