$1 Concealer of My Dreams??? – AOA Wonder Cover Concealer Review

My name is Liv and I have a problem. Said problem starts with “Net” and ends in “flix marathons of Supernatural that go on until 2 AM.” As you may have guessed from my “condition,” I sometimes need a little boost to look a bit more awake. Essentially, my dream concealer covers up all remnants of my late Netflix nights and adds a little bit more dimension to my face so I look less like a rust colored pancake. The question is, can this $1 AOA Wonder Cover Concealer from Miss A do the job?



Too Much Information: The concealer comes in a regular old tube with a doe foot applicator. All the detail work is a silver metallic that will definitely start to scratch off within the first week or two. I can’t find any information about the amount of product you get, but I can tell you that there’s also a smooth 28 shades to choose from, including color correcting shades. Plus, it runs pretty deep – though there is a nonsense shade jump at the deeper end between toffee and toast. I picked up two shades: Fawn and Cool Tan.

Fawn on the left and Cool Tan on the right

Cry Me a River: The first thing that I noticed was that these concealers are thick. Not only are they thick, but the texture is a little pasty, so they dry very fast and are difficult to blend out. I like to let my concealer chill for a moment on my face, get used to the neighborhood, get friendly with the PTA and all that jazz, but you can’t do that with this, because it dries fast. I have to blend immediately after applying it under one eye before going on to the next, and even then, it’s hard to spread. Despite drying fast, it will still move around if you don’t lock it down well enough with powder, especially in the under-eye area. If I don’t bake that area, it will crease in every crevice under my lash line and I will end the day looking like I’m starring in 13 Going on 300.

Here are some comparison shots of this concealer in Fawn versus my tried and true Maybelline Fit Me in a completely different shade:


Lovely Day: This foundation does have it’s perks. First and foremost, it is very inexpensive. $1 is a price that’s hard to beat, which means if you don’t know what shade to get, you can buy two or three guilt free! It also is super full coverage and easily conceals any moles, hyper-pigmentation, or discoloration on my face. I’ve never had a concealer that puts in that kind of work! I don’t really use it to it’s full potential though. I mainly use it to clean up my brows so that no one know that they haven’t been groomed in the past century!


All things considered, this is not my dream concealer. Online, it recommends using it for highlighting and contouring – which is more my speed – but the formula just won’t let you do that. It dries too fast and blends too poorly to ever hit a big portion of your face. Plus, the creasing will be the end of me! You might like this if you buy concealer to gloss over small spots and blemishes, but if you want to get your sculpting on, this is not for you.


What’s your favorite inexpensive concealer?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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15 thoughts on “$1 Concealer of My Dreams??? – AOA Wonder Cover Concealer Review

  1. Wow that concealer looks fab on your skin! I might have to try that out!
    I was just wondering if you fancied joining my Facebook group as I am growing it for bloggers who want to grow their network and get to know others in the process and gain some fab ideas! If you would like to join I have left the link below for you! Hope to see you over there soon!

    Phoebe xo


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    1. This is so funny, because I was out shopping yesterday and almost picked it up, but the store I was at only sold 1 shade (which wasn’t mine) so I didn’t pick it up! I did just check the website and apparently they’ve just made more shades so I’m definitely going to be trying it out some time!

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    1. They definitely have some hits and some (sometimes big) misses! I’m slowly trying to make my way through everything on the site to find the hidden gems! Also, I haven’t tried the Makeup Revolution concealers before! Do they do that thing where they dry before you’re done blending?

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