$1 Setting Powder!? – AOA Perfect Setting Powder in Banana Review

I love baking. In the past I’ve shared my experiences baking cookies and muffins, and now I’m here to talk all about baking my face – or at least how well one product lets me do it! That’s right, today I sharing a Miss A review on the AOA Perfect Setting Powder – Banana. Preheat your oven, grab your mixing bowls, and throw on your apron, because it’s going to be a messy ride!


An imdb summary: This is one tiny jar of cruelty free product. You get 7 grams of it in small jar with a twisty lid that’s about the size of my palm – please do know, that my hands are about the same size as the average 10 year old’s. All the powders claim to be “super fine,” flashback free, and long lasting. The banana one in particular is meant to be “perfect for medium to dark skin tones or to help with dark circles and dark areas of the face.”


It’s like Parks and Rec Season 1 and 2: Listen, I’m an Oily Queen. My face needs all the powder help that I can get, which is why I often have to load up on the powder. One lightly brushed on layer of this stuff in my oiliest areas (cheeks/under-eyes, nose, forhead, and chin) isn’t enough, yet baking with it is somehow too much. It literally sucks all the moisture out of my skin and leaves my cheeks looking cakey and patchy, even after I’ve soaked my face in setting spray. Also, the texture is a little thick and chunky. There’s no generally no flashback, but if the powder isn’t brushed off completely after baking or isn’t dispersed well enough on your face, then it will show up in photos.



It’s like every other season of Parks and Rec: I know some people love a huge tub of powder, but I like the teeny packaging of this. It’s super easy to take with you on the go and it miraculously does not spill out when it takes a little tumble. It’s all around just very smart and simple, which is great because cheap powder usually comes in the world’s worst and least helpful packaging. It also does a pretty good job at controlling oil. I’ve been wearing it with my least forgiving foundation and it keeps me looking fresh for about 6-8 hours.


Would I buy this powder again? Eh, probably not. I’m sure it’s not the worst in the whole world, but it doesn’t do what I need it to do. I use loose powder, because I like to bake. I can’t bake with this, because it exposes the ghost of dehydration’s past that lives inside of me. It really only works well when I just throw on a light dusting, but if that was the type of life I was living, then I would just buy a pressed powder.


What’s your favorite inexpensive powder?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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