Required Reading: 5 Fantastic Black Lady Bloggers

You ever look at the bloggers you follow across all platforms and think, “Wow! I follow so many people who don’t look like me!” For most of my time on the web I’ve been sleeping on my fellow black queens. While I do think black bloggers face visibility issues that are not experienced by other groups, that’s no excuse for me not putting in the work to find more people who look like me. Join me as I make these life changes and check out some of these cool black women whose blogs I’ve recently started following!


Aley Arion | @aleyarion



Aley exaplains her blog like this: “ is a digital diary, documenting the many life lessons & stories ranging from love, career struggles, pop culture and interviews from Aley told through a witty and relatable lens.” I would describe it as a source for new perspective. I truly believe that there is a lesson in every story that people tell, and if you’re looking for lessons you’ll find them here. She’s got outright advice posts and social critiques, all wittily written and ready to get those gears in your brain turning. Here are some starter posts I recommend:

The Business of Chic | @thebusinessofchic



Sherise is the woman behind The Business of Chic. She lives in Anguilla and inspires the masses with her words of positivity and amazing style. In addition to sharing her creative outfits, she also shares tips and ideas to help you think about your wardrobe in new ways. Scroll through her blog to gain some instant ideas for your own looks, learn about just how amazing the internet can be, and find out how to finally live your best life! If you’re stumped on where to start, here are some ideas:

Nomali from Soweto | @nomalifromsoweto


Nomali is from Soweto, South Africa (hence, the name of the blog) and shares her life stories, outfits, tips, and the occasional skincare product review. As you may have guessed, I’m a huge clothes/beauty person, so I live for the fashion posts – particularly as she did note that women most visible in the online plus size fashion scene tend to be women who live in the US. Read her blog, expand the way you’re thinking about pretty much everything, learn how she’s been upping her Instagram game, and enjoy. Here are my starter post recommendations:


Brown Sugar and Bourbon | @ryanhughley



I’m just going to put it out: black culture is full of amazing food and Ryan Hughley over on Brown Sugar and Bourbon will share some delicious images of it! Brown Sugar and Bourbon is a food and lifestlye blog making connections between black history/culture and food. Ryan dishes out some awesome recipes, tells you how to make your kitchen ready to create flop-proof meals, and shares some very insightful food stories. She also has a shame-no-more attitude about fried chicken that I can relate to. Read all of her posts, really, but I recommend starting here:

NOTORIOUS Tye | @notorioustye



Have you ever been scrolling through someone’s outfits on Instagram after a fashion slump so slumpy that you can’t even imagine what a good outfit would look like. Then, you come across an ultra fabulous fashionista and think, “Oh! This is what a good outfit is supposed to look like.” That’s how I felt when I first scrolled through Tye’s Instagram and blog. The blog is full of bomb outfits captured in stunning photos and paired with little snippets from her life. If you’re in a style rut, definitely scope her out for some outfit inspiration. Here are some places to start:

Who are your favorite black women who blog?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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