Nashville Lookbook: How to Dress Like a Boss When You’re On the Go!

One of the things about myself that I love the most is that I’m often overdressed and lightly packed. You may ask, “Liv, how can anyone put together the world’s most bomb outfits when I want everything to fit into the world’s smallest suitcase?” I know. That’s definitely a stressful situation. Listen to a tune from the world’s tiniest violin, cry it out, and then get ready to get your life together, because we are working through this together! Not only do I have a lookbook of my iconic Nashville outfits, but I am going to share with you all how I managed to pack it all into one gym bag and still have space to spare for 2 1/2 bonus outfits, my laptop, toiletries, and food.


Day 1


This was my travel day. I always recommend wearing your bulkiest clothing when traveling, even when you think it will be uncomfortable. If the shoes aren’t the nicest to your feet, you’ll probably spend the day seated and won’t even notice. If you think your feet will hurt even when you’re sitting, just don’t bring the shoes because they’re bad shoes! I also tend to travel in my bulkiest sweater with a tank top underneath. Not only does it save space in your bag, but if you get hit with a hot flash or start sweating from viewing a particularly spicy meme, you can just take the bulk off.

Day 2


I like to bring a little magic to my travel looks with some bold accessories. In this outfit I wore a 3-in-1 choker (that’s right, that is literally just one necklace I have on!) and a dainty bracelet. Necklaces that come pre-layered give you the effect of packing tons of jewelry without the stress of packing tons of jewelry. I put everything into a ziplock bag and rolled it into the smallest compartment of my gym bag for safe keeping. I also dressed in layers again, because the weather was doing the absolute most.

Day 3


I used to be a romper hater, but they’re actually really convenient for traveling. You get the flexibility of a shorts + t-shirt combo, the classiness of a dress, and the ease of an all in one piece. You kind of just throw it in your bag and an entire outfit is sitting there ready to go! I paired mine with these walking friendly Converse, which I stored in my bag inside of a plastic grocery bag to keep them from getting the rest of my clothes dirty.

Day 4


You can call me Lizzie McGuire, because ya girl is an outfit repeater! I always recommend just packing one pair of jeans + additional tops. Jeans don’t get dirty as fast as your other clothes and match pretty much everything. Additional tops, especially if they’re t-shirts, don’t take up a lot of space and come in clutch if you have an outfit disaster. Tuck your shirt in, throw a cute necklace on, and you’ve got a formula for a bunch of casual-cool looks. My other tip to jazz up this simple outfit is to tie a scarf around the handle of your bag. It adds a little extra va-voom and can come in handy if you end up with a hair day so bad that the only solution is to cover your entire scalp!

How do you pack for a trip?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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7 thoughts on “Nashville Lookbook: How to Dress Like a Boss When You’re On the Go!

  1. Love the editing you’ve done on the photos and your looks!! I will deffo be using your tips when I go away next, I’m guilty of packing WAY too much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I always go for a “fit for everything” type of shoe – which were the booties in this case, because they’re comfortable, but the little heel means that they can be dressed up. Then I do a second, very casual option. I knew I was going to be doing a lot of walking so I went with a plain white sneaker that would be ready for everything!


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