May Loves

Oh, May! How you have caused me endless stress! Honestly, this month needs to go sit in a corner and think about what it has done! I spent the month struggling to pay my tuition (so that I can graduate), actually graduating (which led to tears because I realized I would be leaving my friends), […]

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5 Apps I Can’t Live Without

As I typed this title, all I could think about are all of those memes when your mom tells you that the root cause of every problem in your life is because “you’re always on that phone!” Credit score sucks? It’s because you’re always on that phone! Failed a test? It’s because you’re always on […]

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Summer Reading Wishlist

I’m calling this a wishlist, because I’m wishing really hard that I have enough free time and motivation to actually read one non-academic book this summer. Between work, school, and more work, I get the feeling that my downtime will be fully occupied by Netflix. This being said, I really wish that I can get […]

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