Look Good. Save Money. Everything Under $20 Haul

I love saving money, but I also love buying a lot of things. It’s a little bit of a challenge to balance both of these loves, but at moments like this, I think I might have it figured out. Like, yes my bank account is crying, but not because I bought any of these clothes – it’s just in a general state of economic depression, to be completely honest. This being said, I am very proud of myself for finding all of these budget friendly items and I am so excited to share them all with you today, along with some of my tips for cash saving shopping. Here is my everything under $20 clothing haul!


$3 Off-the-Shoulder Top from The Power of Facebook


This is an age old trick that I literally did not take advantage of up until this past semester: shopping your friends’ closets. Or, technically, shop your Facebook friends’ closets. Someone from my college created a closed group where people post clothes, books, furniture, etc. that they desperately need out of their life and allow online shopaholics to buy from them for a low, low (or sometimes very high) cost. One of my actual offline friends posted this and I snatched it up real quick without a single regret. I love showing off my shoulders, so it’s a total win for me!

$3 Floral Romper from The Power of Facebook


I picked this up from the same Facebook seller. Funny story, my friend came across it about five minutes after I saw it and was about to message me to tell me to buy it, but I already had. I love the bell sleeves and I’m always a sucker for floral print. The dark color and slight plunge to the neckline makes it the perfect party romper, so I wore it to my school’s zoo formal and danced the night away in it!

$8 Lace Dress from TJ Maxx


I consider this to be a rare TJ Maxx find – like an ultra rare 1995 Pikachu Pokemon card, except I found it for only $8 instead of $800. Originally, I was trying to shop the Women’s section, but pretty much everything I put on looked like I was a little kid trying on my mom’s clothes. Plus, the prices were a little steep. Then I checked out the sales rack, which mainly included t-shirts and sweaters, which would have been fine if I weren’t on the hunt for a semi-formal dress. Then, I saw this in the Junior’s clearance section! A beacon of white light, covered in lace, and cinched in at the waist. Check my Instagram to see it in it’s true glory, matched with my super hot graduation robes!

$16.99 Floral Romper from Ross


Ross is like TJ Maxx for people too broke or too abnormally sized to shop at actual TJ Maxx. At TJ Maxx I kept running into brands I had heard of before, like Calvin Klein and Michael Kors. The brands at Ross were so unmemorable, that I actually don’t know who made this romper. Ross has a large selection of almost everything (the Petite Women’s section was terrible) and the prices are A1! I found this baby in the Junior’s section and was immediately attracted to all of the wrapping and tying action it had on. Yes, it’s a little fussy to put on, but it looks great once it is on!

$17.99 Sandals from Ross


I’m not really a sandal fanatic, especially now that I have to wear a compression sock for 12 hours a day (yes, that’s why I have one beige leg), but I’ve wanted a pair of sandals in this style since last summer. I originally was just on the hunt for some black heels when I came across a pair of blue denim sandals in this style at TJ Maxx, who does not carry many shoes sized for my baby feet. Then I left and went to Ross where I came across this pair in black, plus about 40 other shoes made for feet like mine! I bought them and immediately ran back to TJ Maxx to return the denim pair. No regrets!

Where do you go for low cost fashion finds?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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7 thoughts on “Look Good. Save Money. Everything Under $20 Haul

  1. Wow, what great finds! I think my favorites are the two rompers and the white lace dress. The colors are so vibrant and pretty, and the style of dress flatters your body shape so well. Funny how we were just talking about this on my blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These are such great finds! I really love that off-the-shoulder top. It’s so cute! I would say I usually go to consignment shops for low cost fashion! There’s an awesome one close to where I live and I always find great deals there! Love this post!


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