5 Apps I Can’t Live Without

As I typed this title, all I could think about are all of those memes when your mom tells you that the root cause of every problem in your life is because “you’re always on that phone!” Credit score sucks? It’s because you’re always on that phone! Failed a test? It’s because you’re always on that phone! Sprained your ankle? It’s because you’re always on that phone! Well, today I am clapping back and highlighting all the ways “that phone” has saved me – or rather, how some of the apps on that phone have changed my life for the better. Here are the 5 apps that I can’t live without!

5 apps that changed my life
Photo by Heather Schwartz on Unsplash



If you were checking in on the blog in January, then you may have come across my 2018 To-Do List where I talked about my desire to turn around my rapidly decreasing Russian skills. One of the ways I’m doing that is by using Duolingo, which is a little more school like now than it was about a month or two ago. I’m talking drills on drills, which is good because I suck.


At this point, I’m mainly relearning basic things I used to know, but if you’re more advanced, I learned a pro-tip from my friend who uses it to keep up with her Japanese! Do Duolingo as if you were a native speaker of the language you are trying to learn who is in the process of learning English!



Instagram is probably the app I spend the most time on everyday, because I can scroll in 5 minute bursts, leave, and scroll again. I love seeing photos of my friends and being reminded of how beautiful they are and checking out the beauty people I follow! I’m also trying to get my Instagram a little more lit, so you should all follow it because I plan to post way more often!

My Calendar


I want to call this a period tracking app, but it does so much more than that. My friends always get mad at me, because I have a body that is never really up to any nonsense, so my period is fairly routine. This app gives me a two day warning when it’s coming (because I really will forget if left up to my own devices), so I can go and get supplies in preparation and save all of my clothes from red death!


In addition to allowing you to track your period, you can also track all kinds of things happening in your body. This includes all that good stuff like ovulation, fertility, weight gain, medicine you’re taking, and different symptoms you’re experiencing! Plus the app is super customizable! You can change the theme (so it won’t have to be as cutesy as mine), rename symptoms, add users, and set it up to give you medication reminders!



I’m trying to live a slightly more healthy lifestyle, so when my roommate told me she was using this app to track her food, I decided to do it too! It mainly tracks your calorie count, which was a little scary to me at first, because I was afraid that I would get too obsessed with the numbers. Thankfully, that hasn’t happened! I mainly use it as a food diary and I feel like I’ve been learning so much about the things that I eat!


In addition to tracking calories, it also tracks nutrients, water, and exercise. I have my app linked to the MapMyFitness app, so I’m kind of getting the best of both worlds right now! And, like the My Calendar app, you can customize it. You can add goals, customize your activity level, add in your own meals and recipes, and put in the amount of specific nutrients you want in your diet.



I don’t really share my Snapchat, but it’s definitely one of my favorite apps. It’s kind of my equivalent of having a finsta (def: a second Instagram where you post anything  you want, but mainly just nonsense). I post pictures of all of my nonsense and wild ideas. I know so many people are embracing Instagram stories, but I just feel like the nature of Instagram requires a level of glitz and glam to every post that I don’t always have time for. On Snapchat, I can just be my full self. So here I am being me!


What apps have changed your life?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time, have an awesome rest of your day and an amazing rest of your week!

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